Rs 100m of Zardari Family account fraudulently withdrawn


Rs. 100 million, belonging to Zardari Family bank account were fraudulently withdrawn.
FIA authorities were given directives by an important personality affiliated with Zardari family, and overlooking political affairs of Sindh, to look into the fraudulent embezzlement.
Three people, including 2 bank managers were arrested by FIA and a case against was registered against them.
FIA has informed that another suspect had managed to flee abroad, and contacts were being made with Interpol for his arrest. Arrest of other employees of the bank, alleged to be involved was also being sought.


  1. Agree—This is poetic justice—What was the wealth declaration of this account holder, whose money was stolen by these Robin Hoods.

  2. No worries.. I’m sure Zardari will run some corrupt scheme and will probably triple that in 24 hours.. I hope ALL his money gets stolen from that asshole…

  3. fia shud release the people involved if the news re true becoz they might need more then zardari.where is rehman baba after all he knew in advance when this thing happened

  4. Jub barey sahab ka paisa jata hai to 24 ghuntey me chor aur paisa dono mil jatey hai magar beecharey mulk ka khazana khalee ho gia aur kisi ko kuch pata nahee kay kaha gaya.What a tragedy….

  5. @ Adnan Syed , Ramiz Shahid , Zahra Khan , Rasheed Ansari & Fatima Ashfaq..iF All Of You’re Really Got Troubled By Zardari & Co..Then Take A Step Against This “Looter Group” If You Dare To Do That ..

  6. Yusuf Raza Gallani’s Wife Spent 800,000 pounds in Harrods in one day! post rhis message on your wall so we will kick out this govt as soon as possible

  7. ask babar awan to devote his self in the cause of zardari. people like him are more immoral and corrupt than zardari.

  8. The nation wants to know from the FBR do they have any clue of the source ofearning of the huge amount and what tax was paid by that business concern which generated this huge earning of Rs. 100 million. Come on State Bank of Pakistan tell us do you have any role in this matter?

  9. There is a hole in the bucket dear Liza dear Liza.
    Fix it dear Henry dear Henry.
    With what should I fix it dear Liza dear Liaza With what?
    With a straw dear Henry dear Henry.
    But the straw is to long dear Liza dear Liza..
    Cut it dear Henry cut it……. and on 27 December Liza is cut to death. Eversince the hole is widening.

  10. The president is making fool of gullible public, he has done it himself, & now crying wolf

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