Mohmand attack was unintentional: Pentagon


The Pentagon said on Wednesday that investigation of the NATO/ISAF attack in Mohmand Agency was underway and it would be too early to reach any conclusion at the moment, insisting that the “tragedy” on the Salala checkpost was not intentional and should not be construed as so.
A statement issued by the Pentagon said the US military did not agree with Pakistan’s stance on the attack and said no one currently knew how or why the incident took place, Geo News reported. The statement said coming to a conclusion without due investigation would be wrong. The Pentagon said the US wanted a strong and strategic partnership with Pakistan and cooperating with Washington would benefit Islamabad. During a press briefing in Washington earlier, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby and Press Secretary George Little said a thorough investigation of the Mohmand Agency attack was taking place and information and statements were being recorded. The spokesman said Pakistan and Afghanistan had been requested to take part in the investigation. The spokesman said further that Pakistan should attend the Bonn Conference and that the US understood Islamabad’s sensitivity about the incident. Replying to a question, the spokesman said the suspension of NATO supplies through Pakistan would not affect the ongoing operation in Afghanistan as a huge stock of required items was available.


  1. How can this be unintentional when the grid reference to these out posts had been with NATO for some time?

    NATO should have communicated with Pakistan before entering its airspace.

    Pakistan shall wait to hear the outcome of Clark Inquiry and see if it establishes facts beyond reasonable doubt.

    It might be that Pakistan decides that it has to take matters further.

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