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Strike without permission, Kayani tells troops

Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani has directed the ranks and cadres of military to give befitting response to any foreign aggression and take a decision in this regard on the spot as the “command of chain system” has been suspended owing to serious circumstances in the wake of recent NATO strikes on Pakistani border posts in Mohmand Agency, which killed 24 soldiers.
The attack by NATO on Saturday, which is dubbed as “intentional and deliberate” by the civilian and military leadership, has led to great anguish and anger among the ranks of the armed forces and it has been decided not to tolerate such assault in future and give it befitting response.
General Kayani held a crucial meeting with his military commanders a day after the NATO strike at the General Headquarters (GHQ) but its details were not shared with the media. After the meeting, the army chief sent a letter to the armed forces in which important decisions taken at GHQ were conveyed to them.
In accordance with the decisions, there would be no need to follow the army’s command and chain system and any official or soldier, at any particular place, would be allowed to take a decision on his own without waiting for the orders from the top so that any aggression from outside would be matched.
“The decision has been made owing to the breaking down of the communication system as result of the NATO strike on the Pakistani border post in Mohmand Agency,” an official said.
The NATO strike, which was unexpected, led to a great loss of life as the army was not anticipating any such aggression from its allies and the Pakistani soldiers were taken aback. “The army chief in the meeting declared that no foreign aggression would be allowed in future and all possible measures are being taken to defend the country,” the official said.
Apart from doing away with the command and chain system, some other important steps are also being taken such as reinforcement of troops on the Pakistani side of the border and also to increase the surveillance flights of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on the country’s border with Afghanistan.

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  1. Noni Ahad said:

    GO Pakistan.General Kayani made the right dissicion.

    • Ahsan Pir said:

      It's good to be patriotic but something being patriotic means to say the right thing, which at this point in time, according to my humble opinion is be criticize our military leadership for not being able to protect the sovereignty of Pakistan on multiple counts. If they had followed their constitutional role, which doesn't include a retiring COAS taking over the government, I believe they would have been better trained and equipped to do what they are tasked to do. Fauji Cement and Fauji Fertilizer Zindabad… I love my nation and my Army Personals but condemn every wrong policy made and every wrong action or inaction.

      • bashinda said:

        covert…jaa kar kuch seekho aur deekho Pakistan ki hasiyat kia hai…you're the stupid one here…arbab is right

        Pakistan is the hammer of Islam…Inshallah we will rule!

    • Anon said:

      Well, all along you have been. That's why Pakistan is where it is today. So, thank you…

  2. Ramiz said:

    shukar hay kiyani sb. aap ki bhi koi gairat jaagiii … khair dair aye drust aye….

  3. Rana Junaid said:

    Good , maray gay to apni marzi say ,,
    shaheed k mout manzoor ha , har din ki mout say !!

  4. Pakistani said:

    Good decision , i am just wondering why every time PAF fails to detect foreign helicopters… are they so advanced that we cant detect it or either it is just that we dnt have power to detect any thing :;(

    • bashinda said:

      PAF cannot act without the decision of COAS….issi liyay he suspended the command

    • Raza said:

      My dear Pakistani How do you expect PAF to match US technology. Their army budget 750 Billion $ and Our army budget only 5 billion $

    • Safikhan said:

      actually, Osama bin laden case was something else…that chapter has been closed…see hussain kiyani case and nato attack came after one another. so, you can say that now Pakistani Government will be obeying order of Army which is the good sign. after this decision taken by COA, now Nato and US army will be on backfoot…as Bashida said is right. For acting upon any attack, all armed forces make strategy give counter attack. PAF is all time awaken but now onwards they will react too….with army on other side…PAKISTAN Zindabad

    • Pakistani said:

      n now they saying that Pakistani officials gave the green signal and they said that none of their forces were in hat area… seems a propaganda to me 🙁

  5. Farhan Mehmood said:

    Geoooo chief Saab ab ki na mardon wali baat. Poori Qaum Pak army k sath ha, jis qaum ka bacha bacha Pak k liye shaheed honay k liye taiyaar ha. Pakistan zindabaad.

    • Raza said:

      Slap on ur own face on ur stupid thinking. This is just admission of our failure before US military technology supremacy.

  6. Nagato Awaiz said:

    kiyani is a failed general he was failed when US helicopters entered in abtobad and he failed again to protect his solders what a worthless general we have

  7. Faisal Virk said:

    inshAllah we will do our best we just have need of prayers of our beloved nation of Pakistan then you people would see that how we destroy the anti Islam and anti Pakistan troops ….Allah hu Akbar

  8. Muhammad Usman said:

    So border soldiers weren’t allowed to react against any aggression before? This shouldn’t be news, its common sense! It seems jitna josh utni he kam aqal. Abbotabad, Davis, Karachi base and this? At the end, its always poor soldiers dying, never these generals…

  9. Bilal Ali said:

    ^ I really regret why we people always think about which is not good for Pakistan? i mean like the above comment “american is going to attack soon” come on use some common sence bro, grow up! ok if any other country gonna attack us we gonna fight againts it no doubt but please dont spread a words which is against the betterment of Pakistan. Just think, Allah has give you a brain of 8grams, use it…
    USA has 14 trillion of debt on it for spending on this was, and the countries she has destroyed were not that strong as we are mashallah. tell me would it be easy for USA to fight with a nuclear power country?? ok they are more powerful but we come on 4th too we are in the list of best. take an example of iran, he has threaten USA many times and even doesnt care what a “Super power” is saying her to do, so did USA attack on iran?? why? just think man, they cannot afford it. fighting a war with strong country like iran and we is not as easy as you say “USA gonna attack soon”.

  10. Sabeel Mann said:

    May Allah keep us !! Here some people believe that it would be stupid and reckless to say a clear and simple No to Americans ! NO to fighting their war! No to killing our own people! No to bark when they command !! No to selling our souls for a few dollars ! but its simple either we take our freedom or we remain as slaves …We cannot be friends with America ..for that you need to be equals we can continue to be their pet dog that is if we have no honor or pride left! We dont want a war we just want to be left alone in peace if that is considered to be a declaration of war by US then we want War !! Allah 0 Akbar!!

  11. Zeeshan said:

    zabardast … yeah amrici hamaray kabhi dost nhe ho saktay … in ko saqb sekhana pray ga …

  12. dawood Masih said:

    About time for our Jialays to come into their senses!

    • Imran said:

      Don't degrade our "Jawans" by calling them Jialay. Please brother!

  13. opethian said:

    attacking a post is different thing n waging full fledge war is different … bilal Ali pointed a right thing …

    n kiani gave a sensible order …

    it was must for the moral of the nation in general n army in particular …

    it took 2 gulf wars one Iraq Iran war n a puppet like saddam for Iraq to come to its knees … we r neither iraqis nor afghaniz …

    in hours of crisis we dnt need leaders like zardari or generals to show us the path … so come Wat may … die we will but aggressor will also not survive …

    • Anon said:

      "No one ever won a war by dying for his country. He made the other bastard die for his country."

      – Aldei Stevenson

      • Anon said:


        it's a historic quote. I hope you would let everybody share in it's entirety.


    • Get it right.. said:

      like the way we did in 1971.. cum on bro.. be sensible.. getting urself killed dont win wars. We shud accept the fact that we are no match against US if it comes to a war. The real problem of our country is that we have allowed our country to become the playgronds for al-qeeda,taliban, haqqani and other terror groups. flush them out and half the problem of our country will go.

  14. Khan said:

    The command and chain system should have been suspended against the TTP also.

  15. Nagato Awaiz said:

    @ bilal ali thats bkz the young generation of Pakistan is deeply affected with war phobia its a kind of fun for them

  16. Muhammad Usman said:

    I agee Bilal. Don’t be sell outs and stand your ground even according to basic patriotic rights and no one will say anything….

  17. Shahid said:

    Ghaddar e azam, it's good if you have changed and realised your duty to serve his OWN country. If there is another attack on us, then you will be finished with all other ghaddars who earn from Pakistan and serve for America. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN AND LONG LIVE PAK ARMY (EXCEPT SOME PUPPET GENERALS).

  18. Hamza Abbasi said:

    General Kiyani we are proud of you.You have made a great decision.Inshallah we Pakistanis will die for the sovereignty of our beloved homeland.Pakistan Army Zindabaad.
    Sir aik request hai k drones k mutalik b koi decision lia jae.Shukria….

  19. Hamza Abbasi said:

    I think now Americans should keep their dirty and smelly mouth shut and they should stop their propaganda against Muslims and our beloved homeland Pakistan.who are you to interfere in our problems. Same thing you have done in Vietnam and you got a horrible result by loosing lives of 60000 US soldiers and it can be repeat here in this region which is known as graveyard of empires.oh! I think you are not interested in Afghanistan thats why you are punching Pakistan again and again.So, Pakistan is going to be graveyard of US Empire.

  20. AJK_PAK said:

    General Kehani – this is pathetic its to little and to late you should resighn and let the officers upto rank of major and our beloved jawans show there metal to any threat that is even posed. Our motto is shaeed or ghazi.

    Generals you go and play gold smoke gangha etc and one day I promise you all this great nation of ours will account you all as well as Allah whe you all die.

  21. Mansoor Javed said:

    Good work General Kayani,
    Trust on Allah, not on these americans
    Allah will only help us if we are fighting for sovereignty of muslims and are not afraid of anyone except Allah

    • Anon said:

      What would happen if Allah applied for green card.
      [worried] …

  22. rkfromUSA said:

    first bring down at least one drone…!!!!…better still..just aim all your nukes to each other….world will be safer

  23. khan said:

    HAMID KERZAI Government is anti pakistan,he wants indian influence in the region,usa is not sincer with pakistan untill it turns totally against china and Iran,while usa goes in the favoure of india because india and china are foes,the decision of general kayani is a seriouse and solid decision but i think it is more in the favoure of pakistan to continue strengthen ties also wth Russia…afghanistan would burn in flames untill kishmar is nt free from india occupation or a reasonable sovlution…because india supports baluchistan rebells and terrorists and supply weapons to them.

    • Anon said:

      "… india supports baluchistan rebells and terrorists …". That's very good. Now Pakistan can try the same in Kashmir (which it never did before).

  24. Malik Abdullah Awan said:

    Great decision General Sahab…we are ready for Jihad!

    • Anon said:

      Let's celebrate with a "Peking Duck" (did they change the name to "Beijing Duck"?)…

  25. sundaram said:

    It is so depressing to read so many comments about taking on USA and the whole world. Come on fellas, wouldn't it be much better if you turn this hatred towards the terrorists in your midst who are killing citizens of pakistan and neighboring countries? I am sure to get some hate mail for this – but quietly think about it – employing 'non-state' actors has not yet advanced your case one inch, yet. I wish the best for your country and its people and for sanity to prevail all around.

  26. Agha said:

    COAS orders resembels that order of Gen Shaw COAS of the indian army in 1971,attacking East Pakistan,’there will be written orders for action,and no such orders will never will be issued’

  27. Thodla Venkatasubramanyam said:

    General Ashfaq Kayani has rightly ordered to his troops to retaliate in future if NATO again tries to attack them in Afganisthan area. This is a right decision. At the same time I bring to his attention that how India will be bearing the Terrorist attack who are trained in POK and Pakistan jungles and brain washed with jihadi teachings like Kasab.sent to India to do the damage to the fabric of Democracy. It will be fine if he also takes pain to eradicate these Terrorist Training Centres which will be good to Pakistan and India. Khudaa Haafiz.

    • Anon said:

      I wish I could recruit you for marketing Recycled Tampons…

      Khudaa Haafiz.

  28. A Reader said:

    I think what you wanted to say was as follows:
    "General Ashfaq Kayani has rightly ordered his troops to respond in future if NATO troops attack or open fire on them in PAKISTAN area. This is a right decision.

    At the same time I bring to his attention that how India will not be bearing? the Terrorist attack trained in POK and the jungles of Pakistan brain washed with jihadi teachings like Kasab was sent to India to do the damage to the fabric of Democracy.

    It will be fine if he also takes pain to eradicate these Terrorist Training Centres which will be good to both Pakistan and India.

    Khudaa Haafiz.

  29. Truly Speaking said:

    I think what you wanted to say was as follows:

    "General Ashfaq Kayani has rightly ordered his troops to respond in future if NATO troops attack or open fire on them in PAKISTAN area. This is a right decision.

    At the same time I bring to his attention that how India will not be bearing? the Terroriststrained in POK and the jungles of Pakistan brain washed with jihadi teachings like Kasab was sent to India to do the damage to the fabric of Democracy.

    It will be fine if he also takes pain to eradicate these Terrorist Training Centres which will be good to both Pakistan and India.

    Khudaa Haafiz.

  30. dert said:

    Poor pakis not sure how long they will be cheated by this stupid so called generals. will be a doomsday soon and talibah… will soon sleep with ur wife. u will have to just watch.

    • Anon said:

      it's not necessary to drag in and derogate a lady who is not otherwise involved. You won't like someone to mention your mother or sister in a similar context…

  31. hassan said:

    so pakistan is getting ready to go back to the stone age. Pakistan with a begging bowl gets funds and arms from USA. How can a beggar even dream of attacking its master. Please wake up Kayani.

    • A Quirk said:

      If you think Pakistan is a beggar then let me tell you that this beggar has decided not to buggered.

      • A Quirk said:

        If you think Pakistan is a beggar then let me tell you that this beggar has decided not to be buggered.

        • Anon said:

          Discard the beggar question aside.

          Admit Pakistan has tangled itself, in it's own choice, into the nasty Geo-politics of US-Britain and attempting to move onto China or whatever is convenient at the moment. Major milestones are joining SEATO and CENTO, and then becoming a proxy in the 80's cold war that was fought in Afghanistan. According to market practices, once paid, the best joy of buggery is delivered through coercion – and not on voluntary enrollment.

  32. Srikanth said:

    americans take any other citizen lives granted, if he is not of US/ western origin.

  33. truth finder said:

    two thumbs up to Gen Kayani and Gen Shuja Pasha. make us proud. it is a very good decision on part of the ARMY. PAK ARMY had to take this decision due to the NATO/ISAF's own aggression against Pakistan's soveriegnity. the AFGHAN nation would also pay bcaz of NATO's strike bcaz PAKISTAN is nt attending the BONN Conf 2011 and its 4 sure that without PAK's active participation the conf cant succeed. UN/RUSSIA/CHINA/Germany shud pressurize NATO/ISAF/US forces to mend its way and start paying respect to PAK contribution in the War on Terror. they cant win this war without our support

  34. Latif Badar said:

    This is a very good decission of Mr. Kayani. I like it.

  35. Arshad said:

    this is very late decision. this should be done earlier on the first attack happened.

  36. rex minor said:

    pakistan military chief and his clan are uncompetent and have been until now, assuming the info is correct, following the out of date rules of engagement. did gen kyani see the france 24 cable network documentary showing the automatic response from the yanks soldiers, firing mortars towards the area in pakistan when they come under fire from across the border. Gen kyani should seriously consider resigning from his post,

  37. Raza said:

    I see all 106 stupid people posting their stupid comments here. Indeed our soldiers replied the US air strikes during attacks but US attack had superior technology and they destroyed communication capability and response of Pakistani soldiers failed. Becoz of US technological superiority such things will happen again. Therefore suspension of Chain of Command is just a drama to befool general public. People here shud use their senses.

  38. Meerza said:

    Salute to General Kayani for this extremely popular decision.
    Pakistan Zindabaad, PAK Army Paindabaad.

  39. syed kamran mehdi said:

    this might be a big one as for as conspiracies of dictatorship are concerned…. anyhow hamain ab democracy n dictatorship ke behas se bahir aa jana chaeay, sirf national interest k baray sochna ho ga coz sab se baray faisly to army ko e lainy party hain fr kahay ke jamoriat ya malokiat… abi sab army k saath hain laikin agar yai cheez army k iqtidaar ka paishkhaima saabit hui to ham e army k against bolny walo main se hon gay, i bet… main jamooriat k against ya army ke favor main ni bol ra laikin agar army jamooriat se behtar kaam kar sakti hai to y not army ya isi k contrary jamooriat agar behtar hai to y not jamooriat… hamain to bas behtri chaeay kesy b, aur jo log hamain is behas main uljha rahay hain k ye theek aur ye galat woh sirf apny muffad ki baat karty hain, un ka aam admi ki behtri se door ka v koi vaasta nahi…. aur by the way army ko v hamesha jamoorait he iqtidaar main lai hai… it is a fact that in pakistan the stongest shoulders are of army, jin ka sahara har koi laina chahta hai…. respond

  40. S.R.Alvi said:

    In my opinion, to counter any air strike, we should also deploy sams on the western border.

    • Anon said:

      But he is saying that he can not afford to have all Pakistanis with him. Because he lives in Rawalpindi and Rawalpindi is not that big an oasis…

  41. uc baba said:

    Bekwas… msuhraf hota tu usi waqat action leta.. yeh gandoo he hai

  42. kashif said:

    well done general . you will do the same in future. they take 2 hours to kill our soldiers and what u were doing then. Where was the missiles , where was yr warship helicopters and where was the airforce.
    dont make the nation idiots. i believe the nation is idiot as they accept a coward general like you as the army chief.

  43. mughees yahya said:

    welldone sir you keep your trust in young guns and sure the will come up to expectation


    Decision to suspend command and chain system to counter an aggression is a daring step by Gen. Kayani and would definitely be a deterrent affect. Pakistan armed forces are fully capable to teach lesson to aggressors.

  45. Anon said:

    Reading this entire length of comments gives a feeling that internally, Pakistan stands at a point somewhat close to 1969's unmatchable public expectations.

    Now what? Where do the military go? After-all, the public expectation is their own creation and Civilian Government can be escape goat-ed only that far…

  46. choraaha said:

    With regards to the question on Air Force. The Air Force is ready for all kind of Challenges but as it was chain of command so there power was restricted. As of Gen. Kayani said that no more chain of command Air Force, Army, Navy are now allowed to do anything on there own. Pakistan Zindabad

  47. Yasser Masood said:

    I'm not sure, this is close to playing into the hands of the Americans. Consider any such response by our forces does bring down a chopper and a few soldiers, NATO or otherwise and the American/Western news war machine goes into play to paint a picture that the attack originated from Pakistan's side.

    It's good to keep the guns hot, but it may be better to get out of any/all deals politically and through canvassing public option. Every such adventure by the Americans should isolate them further in the region. We need to go about our business.

  48. abdulraufakhtar said:

    A very serious departure , but it is need of the hour .

  49. Rana fraz said:

    Go a head we r wid u……….PAK ARMY ZINDABAD…….

  50. Naseem Altaf said:

    How about strengthening the Chain of Command system to our best ability , making it
    systematic, reliable, creatively effective and professional.We should improve our training systems and honestly make the best use of the resources at our disposal for the sake of nation.
    Wide-awake Intelligence ,Monitoring of frontiers, communication, situation analysis , judicious decision-making, Control & Command are essential elements ,and more so at times of stress like now.
    The Chain Of Command should be diligently respected and followed ;
    But, surely,when there is a breakdown of the system ; when the command and communication structures become unresponsive and ineffective,then and only then the individual personnel, the sons of the motherland should, sincerely and fearlessly make ,on-the spot, individual tactical decisions with their best capabilities (hard professional training is essential) to repel any aggressive move/ attack on the motherland.

    I wonder why most of the "comments' take the easy path of simple minded emotional
    responses without any depth . We got to think and face the causes that make us
    a people devoid of productivity,strength,unity,and respect. Can we hide from the truth that we ,without few exceptions,are responsible all-of-us, jointly and severally for
    this state of the nation.
    In the past six decades,we have deprived 98% of Pakistanis of (quality)Education , productive skills : justice & fair-play in everyday life, opportunity to earn honestly and with pride , in short to lead a tolerable life .The greed, selfishness,shortsightedness , of the dominant sections of our society/ the vultures has degraded our national fibre to the extent that we stand at the very bottom of any merit list of the nations.
    Internally we are facing the REVENGE OF THE POOR & THE DEPRIVED :and externally our well wishers and others all see us as a nation on the path of

    Our path to Recovery has no options. We must turn to honesty, Justice, fairplay,equality, (Quality)Education-for-all, and goodwill (Naik-Niyati).

    This will give us internal bliss and external security that we so badly miss now.

  51. Husain said:

    Incredible, now we'll have soldiers plus jihadees running amok at the border – and COAS is saying this…has he gone insane? or another natak for public consumption.

  52. captainjohann said:

    Has this decsision by Army chief has the approval of the Elected Government of Pakistan? As a commentator has opined if the NATO attackers have overwhelming fire power, then what is the limit to escalation?
    Can Pakistan Air force do the same with the attackers?

  53. ashfaq said:

    thats the only way to defand our country .because our politatuion r simply in the makinkg many

  54. Mohammad said:

    Jab american helicopter nahi dikhty phir indian Attak kaisay dekho gay.Kia naqali radar lagay hoy han?Ya sab soo rahay hotay han.Kuchh to batao yaroo.

  55. truth finder said:

    atlast America has begged pardon from Pakistan on the Mohmand Agency attacks on our troops. i've heard that Germany, Russia n China has criticized the NATO/ISAF/AMERICANS alot. they are now clearly doubting their role in the region. these forces hav made the region a mess and r tryin to destabilize PAK, AFG and IRAN. shame on u. ur dreams of capturing the region and utilizing its natural resources will never come true. u also cant take our nuclear assets away. last bt nt the least CHINA is rising, it will b the next super power. u cant create hurdles in its way. by supporting a country like INDIA they think that they r goin to control the region through it proxies bt they dnt knw tat INDIA is already a big pile of problems. it cant even solve its problems , hw can it solve the issue of AFG n the region.

  56. truth finder said:

    the BONN 2011 has also turned out a failure like BONN 2001. NATO/AMERICA has nothing concrete to offer to AFG except long promises of funds and good security. there is still no security in AFG. the TALIBAN supported by INDIA/ISREAL and the FOREIGN FORCES themselves are destabalizing the region, so that they cud utilize its natural resources, invade PAK and tackle CHINA and IRAN. due to the attacks on PAK ARMY at Mohmand, our govt took a firm stance to not attend the BONN 2011 due to which the conference has apparently suffered alot. if PAK had attended the conf there wud hav been chances of peace and stability but due to NATO/ISAF/AMERICANS stupidity they r loosing it. INDIA's role in the region shud b curbed and only neighbours of AFG shud bring peace n progress in it or other wise in the end the same situation will arise again

  57. shahab said:

    Lets protect our Soldiers and not let Nato or anyone intrude in our territory.
    We are not for war, but we cant be sitting ducks.

  58. S Khan said:

    Dont forget what Qaid e Azam said " Unity Faith Dicipline"

  59. ExPat said:

    So Mr. Kiyani are you telling me that those 24 soldiers lost their lives because you have the “Chain-in-Command” system in placed. If you start to think through this, this statement leads to several controversies right here at home. The most important question I would like to point to is that the army General / Brigadier etc including yourself were sleeping during that one hour or deliberately closed your eyes, oblivious to the fact that their not only our national sovereignty was compromised but our brave soldiers were left for American / NATO forces target practicing and being brutally butchered by them.

    Mr. Kiyani, do we have loose 4,500 of our soldiers before your team would realize the fact that your Chain of Command is rather helping American hunting down our soldiers like sitting goose.

    Come on sir give our guys a fair chance to fight back, unless there is a pact signed, under the table with American Army, just like memogate, that they will not tolerate any casualty on their end.

    Shame on us!

  60. Ali said:

    Afghanistan a graveyard for arrogant world powers. We salute our armed forces.

  61. Ibad Siddiqi said:

    Salute to our brave Pak army,airforce and navy.They are the real custodians of this great
    Pakistan.Who fight with honor and strength and sacrifice even their lives for defend their homeland and innocent people.

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