Musharraf’s handing over Shamsi Airbase to US declared unconstitutional


National Assembly’s (NA) standing committee for law and justice has declared the endeavor of former president Pervez Musharraf of handing over the Shamsi Airbase to Americans as totally unconstitutional and illegal.
The meeting, convened in the Parliament House by chairperson Begum Naseem Akhtar Chaudhry, was chagrined about the fact that, to-date, more than 300 drone attacks had been done, killing and injuring thousands.
The committee was also briefed by member Khurram Jehangir Wattoo, regarding his bill, amending article 245, according to which all defence treaties would have to be ratified by the parliament within 30 days.
Wattoo also expressed strong resolve of not allowing anyone to violate international borders of country.
The committee summoned the presence of defense secretary in this regard in the next meeting of the committee.
Meanwhile, member Yousaf Talpur also briefed the committee, regarding his proposed bill about declaring Sindhi language as National language.
Zafar Ali Shah also backed the proposal (bill) of Talpur, over his logic that Sindhi was also the official language during British Raj days, and if committee rejected the motion, it was bound to cast quite a negative impact.
The chairperson declared that since majority of members were opposing the bill, it would be wise to seek the written counsel of law ministry over the issue, adjourning any further discourse over the bill until the next meeting.
The committee also adjourned another bill by Kashmala Tariq for the next meeting.


  1. what a bunch of losers.. mushrraf handed shamsi and during his 7 years only 9 drones while during their government 100's of drone strikes… when will they learn to speak the truth and educate our already confused nation

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