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MFN and Asian union

According to an explanation MFN only means equal treatment to India in trade, as already given to other countries, possibly with adequate checks and balances for balance of payments, otherwise soon Pakistan will be stuck in another form of debts, already over $ 62 billion.

If this is so simple, why can’t we straightaway go for the creation of the Asian Union, in which case we could freely settle all mutual problems like Kashmir?

This will also permit drastic reduction in already very high defence expenses on all sides, transferring such savings for poverty alleviation, which is long overdue topmost priority consideration for the well-being of the entire region. We could benefit from the experiences of the European Union.

It is hoped that all the governments included in the SAARC would consider such prospects with all the seriousness that it deserves, starting with Inter-Faith Dialogue, as most of the fundamentals of various faiths are by and large common, as proved through the excerpts of their sacred scriptures.



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