Winds of change


Charismatic leadership can easily change the fate of a nation. Nations emerged with a strong leadership has a deep penetration power. These nations are deeply rooted and have the ability to face each and every calamity. Pakistani nation is the reflection of such a strong nation that has the ability to flow with the tides of time. The environment that Gothki experienced was full of charge. The notion with which Imran Khan carried his journey was clearly evident. This is the beginning of a journey for a new Pakistan.

These are the winds of change that will mould the future of Pakistan. The nation was being showered by false commitments of change since very long. The promises were never fulfilled. The addition of Shah Mehmood Quershi will help in cultivating a better political and democratic behaviour in PTI.

The huge bulk of people coming in the spheres of PTI are because of the hope that they are seeing in Imran Khan. The old actions that were experienced on our nation have established a common perception to check the last hope. Imran Khan is loaded with aims and objectives to make Pakistan better and prosperous. And this is the time that the nation must be told about the goals which can be achieved under the guidance of such a leader.

He is trying to address all the issues with proper solutions. Now it is time that he should be given chance so hat a positive culture of welcoming new people must be grounded. This will help in uprooting the old culture of Pakistani politics. These events are landmarks in the history of Pakistan as it clearly reflects the acceptance of a new leadership. As a citizen of Pakistan, I support every change that has long lasting and positive effects on our coming generations.