Suspend NATO supplies for six months: PTI


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Monday staged a protest demonstration against the NATO strike on Salala Checkpost in Mohmand Agency, which resulted in the martyrdom of 24 Pakistani soldiers.
The Islamabad chapter of the party organised the protest outside the National Press Club, which was attended by dozens of PTI activists.
Carrying party flags and banners, the PTI activists chanted slogans against the US and its ally in the war on terror, the PPP-led government. “Down with America … We Condemn NATO Attack on Our Soldiers,” read a placard.
Speaking on the occasion, PTI Women Wing President Fauzia Kasuri said by targeting the Pakistani soldiers, the NATO breached international laws, adding that the suspension of NATO supply should not be less than a period of six months.
“The NATO forces have stored thousands of gallons of oil in Afghanistan. Suspension of supply for few days would not be enough.
Therefore, supply should remain suspended for a long period, at least for six months, so that NATO forces can realise the importance of Pakistan,” Kasuri added.
She said after the attack on Salala Checkpost, the PPP-led government, while bowing before the public reaction, had now directed the US to vacate the Shamsi Airbase, which showed the double standards of PPP as earlier it had been claiming that the airbase was not in use of Americans. Addressing the protesters, PTI leader Amir Mughal said the government had failed to safeguard Pakistan’s security and strategic interests.


  1. No six month shut down – CLOSE American supply route FOREVER. Also, no OVERFLIGHT by US planes thru Pakistani airspace. Close all access to USA.

  2. Al the muslims around the world should unite against this brutality and insanity against Pakistan by Americans! Enough is enough!

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