Imran calls for adopting joint strategy to eliminate match fixing


Former skipper Imran Khan has said it is not easy to detect match fixing and spot fixing and all the countries will have to pursue a joint strategy to eliminate this menace.
According to media reports, Imran suggested that the best way to stop match fixing or spot fixing is that the assets of all the players be brought to open.
It is not easy for any one to prevent match fixing or spot fixing, he said, adding that players commonly commit mistakes where they get out due to poor shot selection, or bowl no balls and wide balls, hence it cannot be ascertained what ball has been bowled in return for dirty money.
He went on to say not only Pakistani cricketers but cricketers of other countries were also involved in match fixing.
Imran pointed out that it was not ICC, but a newspaper that caught Pakistani players, adding that when there was no one to unearth corruption and no accountability process then cricket can not be cleansed from corruption.


  1. Imran is suffering from asset phobia. What is required is not to make illegal money. Declaration of assets and its fairness come at stage 2. The betting in cricket is invented by Imran Khan when he admitted that he along with all team members put all money on betting at Sharjah, though in favour of Pakistan which led to make money by players through money. Betting is betting whether favouring or against. It is haram in our religion. Imran admitted he earned haram money.

    • I guess you dont understand the point he makes. it is not about the asset phobia. it is about eliminating corruption. In all developled countries politicians are required to disclose their assets which is the most effective way of identifying reasons for increase whether due to legitimate reasons. I suggest , please do understand the mechanics first and then comment.

      Second, if you think spread betting is haram then you should treat all stock exchange transactions haram as well and do not trade in shares as all our religious fellows do. Also, please understand mechanics of spread betting and then comment.

      Third, it doesnt matter who invented what, What matters is his suggestion, which is workable and transparent.

  2. He is himself fixing match by getting empire from the establishment. He is working on behalf of establishment. His words and actions do not match,,,, hypocrisy at its peak!

  3. @ saleem: Farhan has provided you a very logical response to your comment. Criticising for sake of just criticizing does not help anyone.

    Just to respond to your 'Asset Phobia' part, "Net Worth Test" is the most comprehensive and reliable auditing technique that governments taxation bodies in all developed countries ( e.g. Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Australia etc) use to investigate reported incomes for tax purposes ( I personally have used this technique as a Govt’s Tax Auditor in Canada). In very simple terms, Net Worth method takes all asset-liabilities of an individual at a given time (say two years ago) and then compare it with all assets-liabilities at another time (say today) and then add actual LIVING EXPENSES. The result should give you your TAXABLE INCOME!. See how simple it is … just need to understand the mechanics of it and you will see the value on Imran's stance on Assets' Declaration.


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