German Chancellor hopes to change Pakistan’s decision on Afghan Conference


German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed ‘deep regret’ Tuesday at Pakistan’s planned boycott of next month’s international Afghanistan conference in Bonn, Germany.
Talking to reporters in Berlin after a meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan at the chancellery, Merkel urged Pakistan to change its mind on not attending the meeting on Afghanistan’s political and security future.
“We have always said the conflict can only be resolved in the region. Pakistan is a part of this region. Naturally we are very saddened that this cancellation came today and we will definitely see, if it can be revised,” Merkel said.
“I understand Pakistan’s concern over the killing of its people by NATO troops, but that ought not to block from view that this conference is a very very important conference, 10 years after the conference in Bonn. So, on the one hand, understanding and on the other hand, let’s see what can be done,” she added.
Meanwhile, the German foreign ministry voiced also regret over Islamabad’s cancellation of its attendance at the Bonn conference, saying it would be a setback for efforts aimed at promoting regional cooperation in a bid to pacify war-stricken Afghanistan.
The German ministry pointed out there has been no official confirmation yet for Pakistan’s absence at the Afghan confab.