Cricket movie on Pakistan, Australia, India likely


The world has seen fewer films on cricket. Australian film great Phil Noyce says that he wants to make an India-Pakistan-Australia co-produced cricket film, if the money permits. Noyce, who has been honoured with a retrospective at the 42nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI), was quoted by Indian media reporters at the festival venue. “We need to make more movies on cricket. The shine of the ball, the texture of the pitch, the swing, the strokes, all need to be captured in films,” a reports quoted Noyce as saying. Noyce, a self admitted cricket buff, said that the need of the times of a cricket movie featuring India, Australia and Pakistan, all three of which have global appeal and are noted for intra-team rivalry. “We must make a cricket film with co-production between Australia, India and Pakistan,” he said. Noyce, along with French filmmaker Luc Besson, is being honoured with a retrospective section dedicated towards their films at IFFI. A bouquet of films – “The Quiet American”, “Clear and Present Danger”, “Dead Calm”, “Newsfront” and “Back Roads” – forms the part of Noyce`s retrospective being shown in India. He also weilded the megaphone for popular films like Angelina Jolie starring “Salt” (2010), “The Bone Collector” (1999) and Val Kilmer starring “The Saint” (1997).