Cell phone addiction


Nowadays global environment technology is very important to all of us. We use technology to communicate, improve knowledge and much more. Mobile phone is a gadget that makes it easy for us to communicate each other. It is easy to use and handy.

Through mobile phones we also connect to the internet and get latest updates and pass the information to others. It has some advantages and many disadvantages but it is up to a person as to how he or she wants to use it but most of the teenagers are addicted to it, wasting precious time. They are no more interested in studies or their religious duties.

Teens line up outside stores to buy latest cell phones but talking on phones is not always their number one priority. It is text messaging, gaming, music capabilities and internet access that are most appealing features for most of the teenagers.

Affordable internet data packages offer applications, games and much to them, which has badly affected the youth. It is a wastage of our premium resource, both in human capacity and monetary capacity.