US cannot be friend of Pakistan: TTP


The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) said that NATO’s air strike on Pakistani check post has proved that the U.S. cannot be a trustworthy friend of Pakistan.
Mukram Khorasani, the assistant of top commander of TTP Omar Khalid, said this in an interview to a foreign News channel in Mohmand Agency on Sunday. Mukram Khorasani said that Pakistan should admit the point of view of Taliban after NATO/ISAF’s attack on Pakistani check post.
He said that TTP had already expressed its stance that the US would never be a friend of Pakistan. Mukram maintained that after NATO’s air strike on Pakistan’s sovereignty, Pakistan should cut off its diplomatic relations with the United States.
He assured that TTP top commander, Omar Khalid has no link with India. “Omar Khalid is a true follower of Islam and he is linked neither with India nor with intelligence agencies,” he maintained.
Mukram said that the TTP was not holding any dialogue with government of Pakistan. He further told that all TTP warriors are present in tribal areas and they are against the enemies of Islam.
He revealed that TTP admits the leadership of Afghan Taliban and they have very good relations with Afghan Taliban.


  1. being a student im nt in a cndition to step down in battle with americans bt sure is tht we can seek lesn frm our chinese best friends we will inshallah overthrow the american or any other brutal superpowerness. devotee of quaid e azam muhammad ali jinnah

  2. China will never help you because your friend of Taliban no country will help you in case NATO attack .. In swat what happened fucking moslim Taliban reap your daughters little young girls but you shameless Pakistani people still love Taliban…. crazy Pakistani you should go to hill together with Taliban ….

    • taliban r on the payroll of usa, organisation founded by usa, used against russians, n now is being used against pakistan,. as far as india is involved, there hav been authentic evidences given by our intelligence to usa that how india is involved but no pressure on them as they are nonmuslims.

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