Qureshi joining PTI a serious blow to PML-N


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has suffered a severe blow after former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi jumped onto Imran Khan’s bandwagon instead of honouring Nawaz Sharif’s invitation.
Both the PML-N and the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) had been inviting Qureshi to their parties for several months. Nawaz was seriously attempting to woo Qureshi to join his party, while Imran had announced earlier that Qureshi would join him on November 27. The former foreign minister kept the suspense alive until Sunday, when he embraced Imran Khan at an impressive public meeting in Ghotki. Qureshi, who holds strong political influence in south Punjab, has minimised the PML-N’s prospects in the region.
Qureshi’s decision must have disappointed Nawaz, who had been quite optimistic that the former Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) stalwart would join him. A senior PML-N leader said the Sharifs did not have anything substantial to offer Qureshi. “Qureshi often hinted at his demands, but was not responded to well. Hence he joined the PTI for a better political future,” he said. According to a close aide to Qureshi, the former minister initially had no plans to join the PTI as he was contemplating two other options – forming his own party or joining the PML-N. Sources privy to the developments called it a “half victory”. Reacting to Qureshi’s decision, PML-N Information Secretary Mashahidullah Khan said his party happily accepted Qureshi’s decision and wished him the best of luck. “Shah Mehmood Qureshi is a political worker and a civilised person and with his joining the PTI, it is believed that Imran Khan and his party members would learn how to behave as a political party,” he added.


  1. y dnt v understand dat most notable personz who r joining imran.they 1st try their level best get adjustd wid nawaz sharif.

  2. a very befitting picture you have included of Nawaz Sharif at the top. I mean he is like: "O teri ye kya hogaya mere sath"… 😛

  3. Congratulations to PTI Supporters. Their leader's real face has started glittering.
    IK has become partner of Lal Masjid Killers and humialaters of CJP. Zafar I qbal Warraich is killer of Lal Masjid innocents girl and responsible of CJP insult as he was Minister of State For Interior at that time and incharge of Islamabad. He had been protecting Govt policies on TV shows.


  4. i’m sorry but as per record PML N never invited shah sb to join the league. Now if shah sb wants to be the prince of punjab at the cost of ppl from mutlan then mian sb wasn’t going to agree to such a thing now would he?

  5. such rent a politicians dont really make a difference where ever they go whatever they opt for!…Mr. Shah tired to create all that drama just to give people something to come into his Jalsa to listen his future course outline. He had decided much earlier to join PTI

  6. Nawaz should have used some common sense,before inviting SMQ to Rawaiwing.he could have waited at least up to 27 th,rather than getting embarrassed in this manner,because Miranda had already indicated the date.

  7. Congratulations to Shah M uhmood Qureshi taking a wiser decision of joining PTI. At least he is having option of working on a new and more exciting option to serve the country men instead of riding on already tried and tested horse, breaking the status quo that has ruined this country. We feel ashamed when we see that Pakistani Currency is half the worth than Indian currency and it is going to fall down further when Pakistan will further devalue its currency due to follies of rulers of this country., for the last four decades after 70.

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