Pakistani Facebookers want cartoon character King Julien for President


If young Pakistanis had their way, they would make sure that the cartoon character King Julien from the film ‘Madagascar’ is the hottest candidate for post of President when their country goes to polls next. King Julien is a strong contender for the top post because he will put his “100 percent” into everything that he does as President; the only “NRO” he will pass will be the “National Rock ‘n’ Roll Order”; and he will not try to flirt with Sarah Palin and tell her that she was better off “fighting grizzly bears in Alaska”, or so say young Pakistanis.
So far, King Julien has over 6,000 fans in the virtual world and the number is likely to multiply as the presidential election scheduled for 2013 nears. The creator of the King Julien group on Facebook, Zubair Nabi has been listing reasons why the cartoon character would make a good President. “Reason number 6: King Julian is going to make sure that minorities – both religious and ethnic – enjoy equal rights in Pakistan across the board,” Nabi posted on King Julien’s fan page on Facebook. Once King Julien is in his seat, it would be “illegal” to call anyone an American, Indian or Israeli agent “just for the sake of winning an argument”.
King Julien also finds India’s Anna Hazare inspiring. King Julien put out a mock classified advertisement that said: “Urgently required: An Anna Hazare. Flexible work hours. Should be willing to change the fate of a nation. Nerves of steel a must. If interested please contact Pakistan.” The “new President” will do everything possible to check population growth; make it possible for “women to sue men who send them ‘fraaandship’ messages”; put in place a national consumer protection board for television advertisements to make sure all products with bad campaigns are distributed free; and make it “mandatory for everyone to wear deodorant in public”.
To keep the public entertained, King Julien will organise “jello and mud wrestling matches” featuring feisty politicians. “(Information Minister) Firdous Ashiq Awan will take on two gorillas and a bear. To make it fair, the animals will be provided knifes otherwise it’ll be just brutal,” said a message on the Facebook page. King Julien’s hopes to become the most popular President because he does not have a Swiss bank account and the only thing he owns is “a crown made of leaves” and will ride a flamingo to make sure no one dies in an ambulance on way to hospital because of “VVIP movements”, the Facebook page said while poking fun at Pakistani politicians.