No ‘amn’ when it comes to Americans


A merica is the root of all evil and the fundamental cause of insecurity in Pakistan and the land on which the US consulate in Karachi stands is a part of hell, said People’s Amn Committee (PAC) leaders on Sunday during a demonstration staged in front of the consulate to protest the NATO attack that killed at least 24 personnel of the Pakistan Army. A large number of protesters took out a rally from Lyari and staged a sit-in in front of the American consulate. The protesters, carrying placards displaying their anti-US sentiments, chanted against America and NATO, and blocked the adjacent roads for all vehicular traffic for over three hours.
A group of young protesters climbed the wall of the American consulate and hoisted a Pakistani flag on it. Addressing the protesters, PAC leaders said, “Our army is the world’s best army and we support our forces.” PAC’s Zafar Baloch said America is evil and responsible for killing Muslims all over the world. Baloch asked the Pakistani government to reconsider its relationship with the “killer”. He said, “Our army is brave and can defend the borders of our country. We are with them and shall fight alongside our soldiers with all our enemies.”
He also said each and every Baloch is ready to give her/his life for Pakistan. “Our rally is to show our support to the army and government,” he added.
PAC leader Ratan Kumar said the government’s decision to block NATO supply lines and to remove American troops from the Shamsi Airfield is commendable. “We fully support the decisions,” he added. Yasin Niaz, Shah Azam Baloch and other PAC leaders also addressed the protesters. The demonstration ended after three hours, following which the protesters dispersed. The PAC had staged similar a demonstration outside the American consulate in September this year to protest US allegation that Pakistan is supporting the Haqqani network.