KU students demand release of their professor from Indian jail


The former and current students of the University of Karachi (KU)’s Department of Microbiology in a unanimous resolution have demanded the release of their 85-year-old former teacher Prof Dr Muhammad Khalil Chishti, who is said to be languishing in an Indian jail. According to a statement issued on Sunday, a meeting was held to raise the demand of Chisti’s release, where the participants expressed deep concern and anguish over the prolonged detention of the professor in the Indian jail. The meeting was presided over by KU Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shahana Urooj Kazmi, who has also remained the chairperson of the university’s Department of Microbiology. “It is our moral obligation to raise voice at every level for the release of our teacher and a faculty member,” Kazmi said on the occasion. Prof Dr Muhammad Rafi Shaikh said that Chishti has spent most of his life in jail and he should be released on humanitarian grounds. A resolution was unanimously adopted at the meeting with the signatures of 150 participants of the meeting, demanding the release of the professor. Moreover, it was also suggested that a core committee be formed to prepare a strategy and run a campaign for his release.


  1. The initiative of Kharachi University is very much appritiated inthe Indian civil society and would give a bost to the efforts for the release of Dr. chishty. kU should lobby with similiar institutions in India in order to high light the issue….

  2. I get dismayed every time I see news related to Dr. Chisti and the fact that he is still in detention. Unfortunately the government machinery here in India(or perhaps anywhere else)is not the most efficient or humane.
    Also, I really really hope this delay has nothing to do with Dr. Chisti's nationality(because that would be even more sad apart from the fact that the government machinery as such is slow and inefficient) and I sincerely hope its not too late before the authorities complete the process.

    NK(Pune, India)

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