‘Wah Shah Mehmood Wah!’


The social media buzzed with the much-awaited day of Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s Ghotki jalsa with comments, discussions, opinion polls and tweets all speculating over the outcome of Qureshi’s decision of joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Most of the Facebook and twitter users hailed the decision of former Pakistan Peoples Party stalwart. Opinion polls held on different websites also commended the decision taken by Qureshi, with a staggering 85 percent endorsing his decision. Former Pakistan Muslim League MNA, Marvi Memon who was also there at the public meeting tweeted that “SMQ announced in joining PTI today after all the suspense!” and “PTI team is truly super. V energetic”
Official Facebook pages of PTI also kept updating their fans about the developments of the procession. Congratulating the PTI fans, Secretary General of PTI Dr Arif Alvi tweeted “Congratulations to all PTI supporters on Shah Mehmood Qureshi joining. the Tsunami is getting bigger and the dream is coming closer”
PTI’s Facebook page also informed its fans that “PTI official website www.insaf.pk is down due to heavy load. We will be right back very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.” A student, Mehak Bano, updated her status to “Wah Shah Mahmood Wah” after Qureshi’s induction. PTI pages also kept uploading the pictures of the procession, showing the huge gathering of people, announcement of Qureshi and the embrace of Imran Khan and Qureshi. Long threads of comments were also witnessed on various Facebook pages. A BSc honours student at the Punjab University updated his Facebook status, “I think he made a reasonable choice. Joining PML-N or remaining separate as a pressure group wasn’t a good idea especially when the political scenario favours PTI”.
Atif Mir, another student, said “SMQ is experienced in old politics now people are demanding new style new tunes equal rights, and now PTI is after Aitzaz Ahsan and Mian Raza Rabbani as well so their will be an open competition for all.” However some people also criticised PTI for inducting Qureshi, arguing that he is a turn court and should not be accepted by the party which is talking about the change. Sara Jalal at Facebook said that “All establishment backed politicians are now joining PTI”, another Facebook user Mahmood Bhatti said “Imran must not take these heavy weights in his party this way, as they will drag Imran Khan away from his goal”.


  1. BALAY SAIN BALAY. Congratulations, SHAH. Yes SMQ is a turn coat if one stands the ground and stick to the principles. I think PTI is a like minded group of bright politicians. So people like Aitizaz and Reza can be part of PTI whenever they make up their mind.Shah is liked in the world by all the diplomats and despite of a Raymond Davis episode he is workable person to the world. Imran Khan is a very deep politician and he always weighs pros and cons of everything before inviting anyone to join the party and so our the clean and neat political leaders who are joining the PTI and Imran Khan. Watch out PPP and PML(N). Good Luck PTI.

  2. Old wine in new bottles…this is a revolution then this is Fraud to youth. Every one has disappointed this nation…..Imran will not be different. Support those who are anti-establishment because they can only bring change.

    • firstly older the wine better it is, should have thought of an better expression! secondly dont believe everything you hear or read! hes not supported by establishment the country is with him you have to be an ignorant fool to believe the establishment is with him, whilst u claim to know that establishment is with Imran please keep in mind establishment always works in the best intrest of the country rather than selling it to mugs

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