Wait 3 months for 3G tech, say PTA chairman


The most advanced technology of the modern world – 3G technology – would officially be launched in the country within a short span of three months after the Information Technology Ministry prepares the concerned draft, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Dr Mohammad Yaseen said on Friday.
 “The emergence of the 3G tech will benefit IT firms as well as the telecommunication sector,” he said. “Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has recently given the go-ahead for the 3G Tech.”
 The PTA chairman was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the data centre established by leading telecom company Transworld at the city’s outskirts in Hawkesbay. The ceremony was largely attended by executives of the telecom industry and media personnel.
Yaseen said that the PTA is fully committed to the task of regulating, issuing new licenses and introducing new spectrums and technologies. However, he emphasised that the private sector can play an important role in sector by investing in the ventures.
 “The telecom industry has had to battle a host of issues ranging from the rupee devaluation, the energy crisis, the security situation and inflation that has greatly reduced the disposable income of the common citizens of this country. However, the industry has proven itself to be remarkably resilient and there are some notable achievements that the industry can be proud of.”
He said that cellular service coverage in Pakistan is one of the best in the region; cellular subscribers have crossed the 100-million milestone and there are multiple broadband options available to the consumer in every nook and corner of the country. “Besides, there are more than 1.5 million broadband consumers in the country with the industry doubling year to year and 4 operational long haul networks in the country that connect various cities.” 
He said that with the increase in broadband adoption, the need of the hour for the country is to continue improving its internet infrastructure.  Internationally, there are two independent operators that connect Pakistan to the Internet and every destination of the world. Transworld is one of them.”
Yaseen said that Transworld’s data centre is unique due to its location and state-of-the-art technology and new applications and contents can be hosted with minimum CAPEX.
 Briefing the participants of the ceremony on the occasion, Transworld President Kamran Malik said that the data centre is the country’s first private submarine fiber optic cable operator.
He said that Transworld data centre is located 20kms outside the clamour of the city in a fully owned purpose built Telco grade building. The centre, being built on Tier II architecture, ensures 99.995 percent uptime, uninterrupted power and cooling, n+n redundancies and fault tolerant infrastructure. It is the new standard of collocation services for multiple applications including disaster recovery, business continuity, virtual PoPs, mobile commerce, online media content and cloud computing.
“In this digital era, data must instantly be accessible round the clock, leaving no time for downtime. We have taken the initiative to launch data centre to create a marked difference in the market because not all data centres are created equal,” he said.
 Malik said the Transworld data centre has the capacity to accommodate the collocation needs of any sized business. Its infrastructure is equipped with variety of space and power configurations to provide solutions which are engineered to scale and provide the reliability required by today’s “always-on” enterprise.
Transworld Commercial Division Vice President Zulfiqar Qazilbash explained the advantages that the data centre offers. “The Transworld data center provides a unique mix of cutting edge power, safety, security, associated infrastructure and expert manpower and technical know-how of the data centre team,” he said.
“Being at the hub of all local and international data traffic, it is able to provide single hop to any location locally as well as internationally and instant access to unlimited bandwidth has set the data centre apart from its competition.”


  1. may God bless u , thanks boundles for announce 3g in Pakistan . and we r very thank full to PM Gellani too.

  2. Assalamu alikum kiya me ye jansakti hon ke 3G technology konsi company la rahi he????????? ya ye kis naam se arahi he?

  3. 2Late suck world enjoy with 4G and here just 3G come and they think much for it WTF all suck in this country

  4. 2late 3G around the wolrd people using 4G now here they stupid think for 3G WTF suck all mostly Govt sectors make money only black sheeps suckkkkkkkkkk

  5. Many times i heard about it that 3g is coming so lets watch what will happen now

    2late 3G around the wolrd people using 4G now here they stupid think for 3G WTF suck all mostly Govt sectors make money only black sheeps suckkkkkkkkkk

  6. Infamous claim of 3G availability is as old as 2005.I’m sure 3G on cell phones will be available in late 2014.

  7. now,world has entered 4G and in Pakistan it is being planned to start 3G.This is looking like a joke to the advanced countries.Now there should be no investment for 3G bc whrn we will start ,may world goes a head even to 4G.

  8. and aap log to jese corruption karte he nahi ho… haqeeqat pasand bano aur jo mil raha hai us me khush ho jao.
    harami wo nahi hota jo na-jayez tauluqaat se peda ho .. harami wo hota hai jis k pait me haram hota hai.
    hum kitna halal kamate aur khate hein ? just think and be realistic.

  9. yar kisi k pas pet information hai to share kare.ye dukhre choro warna uci 2G pe chalte raho ge jis pe 2-4 kb/s speed ati hai.

  10. Daikhye oont kis karwat baithta hai. Achay ki umeed rakhain sab log. Hum log mehnat khud nahi kertay aur bura bhala doosron ko kehtay hain. Hum bhi agar Govt. mein hotay to most likely aisay kaam hi kertay. Sharif wohi hai jis ka Bas nahi chalta. Hope that Govt. will bring 3G by March. Inshallah !!!

  11. Hello frndz! I am,the chairman of PTA,ensuring you that 3g will be present in Pakistan in march 2012,but it will be very expensive for you to aford.

  12. Mobilink and Ufone have upgraded there system to 3G Technology, it seems that this 3G tech wil be awailable only in limited areas just like PTCL 3G AVO only Lahore Karachi Islamabad etc, and for therest of the country “apna ugao apna khao”

  13. khuda nai ajj tak jiss qoom ki halat nahin badli , nahoo jin ko khayal halat apnai ap badal nai ka, ,,,,,,,, app jiss chees kai barai may soch rahai hoo wo to app ki qismat may hi nahin , siway zilat aur reswayee ki, , aik time ka chowla jalna mushcil hogiya hai , ap 3 G ki bat kartai hain , APP ACHI CHEESE KI TAWAQOO KARTAI HAIN ISSS GOVVT KAI HOTAI HOWEI, SUB CHOOR LOTARAI , BEGAHIRT ,HAIN , SATT AWAM BE BEWAQOOF HAI JO IN KO APPNA LEADER SAMJ KAR NARAI LAGTIN HAIN , IN KA QISMAT AYSA HONA HAI , JAISAI ROOH AYSAI FARESHTAI

  14. Couple of Thoughts here!
    1. Ideally Government should offer 3G spectrum / authorization to launch 3 G to top 3 Telecom Companies for free so that they can devel the technology and expand the infrastructure, This way we will have a faster penetration of 3G to larger audience in shorter span of time and thus telcome and the government can later take benefits from it.
    2. It is quite irritating to see how some of our folks here so conveniently start moral policing even if it has nothing to do with the topic discussed. We don't need moral policing all the time.

  15. vodafone larai hai 3g even karachi me tower p kaam b horahe hain ..log tower or frenchise k lie booking karwarahe hain .. for more detail contact me on my number 03332177417

  16. 3G can provide downloads at around 3.1mbps … Which I assume is more than the majority of the population uses for their broadband connections .. And anyway .. 3G is better than the edge networks we use .. Atleast the loadshedding won't bug u as much as it does now ..

  17. I heard from my friend he is engineer in the Telecomunication that 3g deal done with PTA but when they start 3g in peshawar.

  18. ye sab khab ban kar rahy gya 5wa mahia ja raha hy 2012 ka lakin ab tak kuch malom na howa .., . . .
    Pakistan walo 3G ko booll jao . . . .jab tak zardari or gilani bety ho . . . .

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