Security forces suspend NATO supply after Mohmand attack


In response to the activity in which Nato helicopters opened indiscriminate firing at Pak-Afghan border near Tehsil Bai Zai of Mohmand Agency, killed 24 Pakistani security men and seven others, political administration and security forces suspended the NATO supply, a private TV channel reported on Saturday.
According to the TV channel, the security forces stopped NATO containers heading towards Afghanistan at Baghyari and Tkhta Baig.
Pakistan has strongly condemned the attack on security men and recorded its protest to America.


  1. Phir jab kuch din baad Uncle Sam danda dain gey Janab Izat Maab Zardari, Gilani, Kyani, Pasha, Kaloo, Waloo aur Laloo ko to yeh NATO ka route sim sim kee tarah khul jaega. Bas g Ali Baba aur Saray Chor rock. 0l0

  2. Not surprised! Americans are historically a generation of the Bastards and Misbegottens, and the allies in NATO are their poodles. So what's the difference between the two. Let's be prepared to face even worst if we do not get rid of our ruling class. It's pity that they feel proud to please the bastards.

  3. It is tootly drama. They will no do anything against Natto. they Dont Care about the lives of those who dead in this attack. Where from theire child and othere family member got them. Alaaaassss

  4. Pakistan Should ask for handing over of the Nato soldiers to Pakistan who have killed our soldiers and trial should be done in our courts. NATO supply should be blocked forever.

  5. They will let it go as soon as the authorities will get their share/bonus to keep their mouth shut… or either ordered by their masters….

  6. Our Muslim Brothers… Let's unite and confront the truth as Allah mentioned in the Holy Qur'-an: They(Enemy of Islam) will not stop killing you until they turn you back from your religion(Islam). Allah said also: O ye who believe! take not my enemies and yours as friends(or protectors), offering them (your) love, even though they have rejected the truth that has come to you, and have (on the contrary) driven out the prophet and yourselves (from your home), because ye believe in Allah your Lord!

  7. pakistan should protest in united nation along wth china and russia side,pakistan should call on muslim countries to be united and confront in the united nation, pakistan should refuse usa aids to pakistan,pakistan should recall its diplomat in washington, pakistan should cut totally relations wth usa like north korea–we do not need begging,people of pakistan are suffering and yeilling for food already,the aid which is coming from usa is going to corrupt army and politicians.

    • The only way Pakistan can support it's self is by begging the US, Russia, and China. It is nothing but a shithole!!

  8. Ha!! We all know nothing will happen except this shithole of a country will beg for more American money and stop the supplies for a while. Maybe America should not use the supply routes anymore and give all of the money to a more deserving and civilized country….India!!!

  9. Maybe try to understand that the attack was a mistake, or that possibly the Helis were fired on and defending their own lives. Wait until details become available, otherwise you are behaving like reactionary children. It does not serve NATO's interests to attack it's friends. But are you friends????

  10. Does anyone consider the possibility that Taliban fighters intentionally drew fire to the Pak troops in order to spark a nasty incident? That is their M.O. as we all know. Let's not fall for it. Let's not be dupes, and minions.

  11. "Close air support was called in, in the development of the tactical situation, and it is what highly likely caused the Pakistan casualties," Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson, spokesman for the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said.
    This means that hostile fire was coming from the area. Taliban dogs caused the deaths, but you prefer to blame America / NATO. Your enemy is the Taliban.

  12. actually entire muslim nation hate u.s.a,israil and their followers now a muslim nation realise ……every cheating.u.s.a, nato and israil r the greast enemy of muslim nation.

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