Encyclopaedia Sindhiana


The Sindhi Language Authority (Sindhila) has recently marketed the third volume of Encyclopaedia Sindhiana, which is part of its efforts to bring out the first ever comprehensive encyclopaedia of the Sindhi language.

Noted intellectual Prof Fahmida Hussain is its chief editor-cum-supervisor whereas another literary figure, Taj Joyo, is its editor. This volume consists of 2,533 entries, based on two letters of the Sindhi alphabet. The second volume consisted of 2,571 entries, based on six letters of the Sindhi alphabet. Nevertheless, the first volume, having about 3,500 entries based on the first three letters of the Sindhi alphabet, was already published.

Out of total 52 letters of Sindhi alphabet, three letters were covered in the first volume, six in second and two letters in third volume (total 11 letters) whereas additional six letters have been covered in fourth volume that is under print and hope to come in market by end of this year.

Almost 80 percent of entries in Encyclopaedia Sindhiana are related to Sindh, such as personalities, places, flora, fauna, archaeological sights, other life forms, tribes, castes, beliefs, rituals and rites, culture, civilisation, language, dialects, literature and fine arts, and 20 per cent entries are about the rest.

We hope the authorities will accomplish this task as scheduled. We must appreciate the efforts of the Sindhi Language Authority in general. Once the entire set of the encyclopaedia is printed, it will not be too difficult to keep updating it from time to time.