Effects of loadshedding


The increasing loadshedding in Karachi is having adverse effects on almost all walks of life but a major impact is visible in the provision of primary health care services.The population of Karachi has reached about 18 millions. A significant number of people live in less privileged areas and belong to the poor and middle classes. A majority of them go to the clinics of common local GP’s or to small hospitals and medical centres situated in their own residential areas.

They avail basic health care services from these providers (such as general OPD, minor surgeries, lab tests, vaccinations, medications & other usual treatments and common medical procedures including maternity services).

The number of beneficiaries from these health care service providers is very much higher. As compare to big & tertiary care hospitals and government setups. It is relatively quick, easily accessible and costs less. The performance of these clinics and small hospitals has been affected by many social and economic disorders (such as inflation, law and order situation, quackery etc). But the topic of influence of electricity loadshedding on medical services is comparatively new and quite neglected in studies of obstacles in health care. It needs to be studied in detail so solutions to it can be devised.




  1. good effort!but this is only about health and not directing to the point.I mean u have to tell the effects of loadshedding on pakistan not only on karachi.sorry sister if u mind

  2. yes ahmed u r saying right there's only effects of load shedding in karachi but we need on fullcountry in pakistan sorry for saying that soory plz dont mind

  3. yup! Ryt there should be more detail about other cities of country……………………….dun mind plx

  4. yes u all r right sorry but u hav not written much info related to the point…plz don't mnd

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