Daniyal hails BHC’s verdict on magistracy system


Jeevay Pakistan Jeevay Muqami Hakumat (JPJM) Chairman Daniyal Aziz on Saturday hailed the Baluchistan High Court’s decision, declaring the executive magistracy system as illegal and against the independence of the judiciary and the Constitution.
Addressing a press conference here at the National Press Club, Daniyal said the historic judgment was the first one of a number of petitions by Jeevay Pakistan Jeevay Muqami Hakumat (JPJM). “The decision in the petition ‘Maqbool Lehri Vs Province of Balochistan’ on November 24 is a major victory for democracy and the rule of law in Pakistan,” he said.
He said that in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Nizam-i-Adal Regulation reinstated executive magistracy system under the garb of qazi courts on which the chief secretary was given a contempt of court notice by the Peshawar High Court.
“In Sindh, the Police Act 1861 was re-enacted and the 1979 Local Government Ordinance revived once again. In Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan, there is actually crisis of law at present,” he added.