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‘Memogate is Pakistan’s internal matter’

The issue of writing a secret memo to the American government is Pakistan’s internal matter and the Pakistan government will resolve it, and we are willing to cooperate if Pakistan asks, US Ambassador Cameron Munter said on Friday.
Talking to reporters at the Ambassador’s Forum organised by the Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS), Ambassador Munter said the US would welcome Sherry Rehman as the new ambassador and Pak-US relations would be stronger. When asked about his meeting with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and Inter-Services Intelligence head Lieutenant General Shuja Pasha, Munter replied, “Yes, I have met both of them, but in separate meetings.” He denied meeting both of them in the same meeting.
Earlier, in his address to students at LUMS, Munter said the US wanted a strong Pakistan because a strong Pakistan was in the interest of the US.
Ambassador Munter’s speech had three broad themes: leadership, partnership and solidarity. He said the US-Pakistan relations – though cordial in every other aspect – were strained because of issues like the war on terror. “There are very, very difficult problems and sometimes our national affinity gets caught up in it,” he said.
Munter said America did not stop its civil assistance to Pakistan in any circumstances, adding that civil assistance was not contingent on politics. He said America did not pressurise Pakistan, but as a friend, it advised Pakistan against a partnership with Iran. “Iran is not a reliable partner. It is your choice, but we think it is wise to open up relations with India,” he said while answering a question. “The US wants a strong Pakistan. Pakistan’s success is America’s success. It will take the leadership of students like you to make Pakistan stable, democratic and prosperous,” he said.
In the question-answer session Ambassador Munter praised students for their tough questions. In a lighter mood he said, “I knew this was a good school.” He also announced a budget of $ 15,000,000 to strengthen the institute over the next five years. So far, the US has spent $10,000,000 to assist the institution, he added.
MISMANAGEMENT: Due to mismanagement at the programme, audience and even the American ambassador suffered. Several times the collar-mic stopped working, but the US ambassador continued his speech. At the end of the ceremony, the LUMS VC also apologised for the mismanagement on behalf of the institution, while the US ambassador accepted his apology with a smile.

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