Rulers’ days are numbered: Imran


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said the days of the incumbent rulers were numbered, as the present government had emerged as the most corrupt in the history of Pakistan. Addressing a public gathering, Imran said everything had changed with the passage of time and the masses had become fed up with conservative and exploitative systems. Referring to historical citations, he said due to an absence of reasonable political system, Pakistan had become a puppet in the hands of destructive forces.
“Pakistan has been endowed with every kind of capabilities of science and technology. It is full of men of letters and scholars, but due to a lack of proper planning and honest leadership, the nation is suffering more by the day,” he said. Criticising the PML-N, he said it had underground links with the ruling party for its own interests.
Imran said former rulers mercilessly spent national sources on Raiwind to convert it into a feudal estate. “How can a man who looted wealth of the nation uplift the masses?” he said.
The PTI chief also offered a roadmap for reconstruction of the country entailing rule of law, equality and economic justice. “Oversees Pakistani are our real assets who are standing with the PTI to play a positive role for the progress of the country,” he asserted. He said his government would provide cheap electricity and fertilizers to farmers.


  1. PTI and Imran Khan's are honest and once they will form a goovernment they will provide everything to the innocent, struggling and suffered people of this country without the kick-back commission. The people of this land of PURE, who have been struggling for decades for basic neccessities of water, electricty, health and education, will get an opportunity to enjoy all this like others. People of the country are so poor that majority lives terribly below the level of even Pakistani standards of living. It is sad that even today after 64 years the governments have not been successful in providing their basic needs. Hopefully a new mind set of a fresh political party may be able to achieve this dream for the people of the country. So PTI is the answer to meet this challenge and come up with a workable plan to give people what they demand.

  2. Honesty is the best policy. Though I know that Imran has much better team then the corrupt and incompetent team f Zardari and nawaz. But for those who dont believe, handover your business to honest though less competent rather than corrupt though more competent as corrupt will leave you nowhere.

  3. As much as I hope that the PTI win the next election, the sight of so many 'old faces' joining the PTI fills me with dispair.
    I really hope Mr Khan doesn't lose sight of the plot and end up being hoodwinked by the 'old ways' of doing things. We need an Arab spring here too. We needed 3 years ago but got short changed yet again.

  4. is honesty is enough to solve riddles? an honest but inefficient and unaware from ground realities person cannot solve issues. now imran is inside the game and power players r either thinking or joined him. reccent example is Tumans of chikwal who was charged for false degree…hahahahah…..finally tumans will hold imran.

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