Prospects for Musharraf


Many believe that ever since Musharraf left Pakistan, he has built a silent profile for himself by remaining quiet on various matters, despite forming his own political party, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), almost a year ago. However, the recent interview with a correspondent of The Telegraph, and several other positive posts, related to Musharraf in international newspapers, which were never highlighted in local media, tell a different story.

What we see on local television and read in newspapers is all but the never-ending rage of bitterness between political parties that is taking the country nowhere. For a fact, there are only a few political leaders in Pakistan who have the passion and mental capacity to take care of the nation’s interests, but sadly we are blind-folded by our own media that refuses to publish Musharraf’s statements, such as “If I was in government I would certainly be thinking how best to defend Pakistan’s interests if Afghanistan is being used by India to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan, we would like to prevent that.”

Amidst this continuous ignorance, Musharraf’s recent interview disclosing his plans to return to Pakistan next spring and articles drawing attention to his strategic investments to promote his party manifesto and election campaign, indicate that slowly and gradually the APML is preparing for a resounding return by their leader.

National politics is about to be elevated to new heights soon as various parties gear up their different agendas for the 2013 elections. It would be interesting to see what APML has in store to excite the nation.




  1. Musharraf is the only Pakistani leader at present defending Pakistan in International media and meetings
    " Wo mulk me hon ya gharibul Watn
    Apne mlk se wafa ka rahen hain"

    Musharraf will come with big support InshaAllah and if CJ of Pakistan gives a biased decision then people will satnd against him as well

  2. CJP wont be against Musharraf. He also knows there are many silent supporters of Musharraf. Common people in all the media noise, still remember Musharraf and know that he is sincere with the country.

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