Nawaz and Memogate


Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief of PML(N) Mian Nawaz Sharif has approached the Supreme Court with a request to take up the matter of Memogate. The matter of fact is that mullah-military alliance has derailed democracy and political norms of this country since its inception.

This issue has also been deliberately raised by agencies to make the government bow down and clear the way for Imran Khan’s political destination. Just as the establishment-sponsored gathering of Imran Khan in Lahore became a bone of contention between the military and present government, a contradictory figure of Mansoor Ijaz has come out with a letter in hand.

Setting aside speculation surrounding the memo, we only want to remind Nawaz Sharif that he IS once again making a mistake by supporting the establishment in this conspiracy against democracy. He should know that the establishment would love to have him back in their fold.

Another important question is: why does not Mr Sharif give an ultimatum to the government on those issues which could be a real cause of future-balkanisation of this country, like situation in Balochistan, religious and ethnic terrorism?

There are ethnic fissures, religious violence, sectarian violence, forced and unforced disappearances, unsafe minorities, terrorism and whatnot, the country is faced with so many problems. Why has Mr Sharif not spoken openly about these issues?

Mr Sharif’s stand on this so-called issue seems only biased as he must wake up to see through the conspiracies against democracy in the guise of this memo scandal.


Rato Dero


  1. You have rightly pointed out behind the scandal. You also must have elaborate about Haqqani's resignation.

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