Indo-Pak relations


Pakistan-India relations have always been the victim of oscillations between short-lived periods of euphoria and raised expectations followed by long intervals marked by disappointment, strains, tensions and even armed conflicts.

Consequently, the countries continue to suffer from mutual mistrust, bilateral disputes remain unresolved and cooperation is circumscribed by severe restrictions and limitations.

Pakistan and India seem keen to increase mutual trade as boosting it could benefit both countries. India wants to enhance its trade volume with Pakistan from existing US $ 2 billion to US $ 6 billion.

The Indian High Commissioner Mr Sharat Sabharwal vowed to continue dialogues between Pakistan and India in this regard. Pakistan and India are soon expected to sign an agreement on a liberal visa policy to ease the visa restriction on businessmen of both countries.

India and Pakistan should solve all of their core issues, including the Kashmir dispute, with dialogue with an eye on increased trade and economical stability.

Both countries need to avoid short-sighted policies which have resulted in bedevilling their relations in the past and diverting their attention from the gigantic task of eradicating poverty and raising the standard of living of their peoples.




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