Gas pressures start dropping


Winters have not set in completely but the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has started gas load shedding for domestic consumers making the lives of people miserable.
Gas pressure in many parts of the city dropped making it impossible for people to cook food. Gas pressure in areas such as Johar Town, Township, WAPDA Town, Faisal Town, Garden Town, Harbanspura, Mughalpura and Dharampura dropped sharply. Consumers said that they could not even cook food and had to buy food from outside where the pressure was also very low. “The SNGPL is deliberately creating problems for consumers so that it can provide gas to industrial users,” citizen Javed Hamid said, adding that gas pressure was very low during the whole day. He said that winters have not started yet but gas has disappeared for domestic users.
Petrol pumps fined for adulteration: The Punjab Labour Department on Thursday started an inspection campaign of petrol pumps during which four out of six pumps were found violating weights and measurement laws on which inspection authorities imposed fine worth Rs 60,000 each on two petrol pumps and Rs 30,000 each on two others. A labour department spokesman said that on instructions of the Punjab labour department, labour officers conducted surprise inspections of six petrol pumps out of which four petrol pumps were involved in violating measurement rules. These petrol pumps include Fahad Filling Station, Ferozepur Road, Defence Service Centre, R Block DHA, Fortress Auto Service, Aziz Bhatti Road Cantt and Attock Petrol Pump, DHA. The Punjab labour welfare director issued directions to controller weights and measurements to conduct weekly raids on petrol pumps.