‘High-ups to blame for Railways crises’


Railways Mehnatkash Union (RMU) on Thursday held the Pakistan Railways high-ups responsible for the Railways’ unending crises.
Expressing serious reservations over the recent report of irregularities in the Railways, RMU-Karachi said Railways’ senior officials should be brought to justice.
RMU Karachi Senior Vice President Muqaddar Zaman blamed the nexus of politicians and senior Railways officers for the destruction of Pakistan Railways that has resulted in extreme inconvenience to the people.
Zaman said unless these politicians and senior Railways officers mend their ways, no improvement is possible in Pakistan Railways.
He said Railways officers are enjoying all the privileges while the low-grade employees are being denied even their basic rights.
He also said there has been no respite in the sufferings of the underprivileged passengers as the situation of late arrival and departure of trains at the Karachi Cantonment Railway Station, poor facilities and mismanagement are yet to be improved by the Railways administration.
Besides, he added, if the federal government decides to privatise the Pakistan Railways, it would be another wrong step as the government has previously experienced losses by selling some of its institutions.
He said the government should rather keep corruption in the Railways Ministry in check as many cases of misappropriation within the ministry are still unresolved.