Punjab ACS seeks cleanliness at govt offices


Despite the Punjab government’s claims of running an effective campaign against the spread of dengue virus, waste material and debris of construction material could be seen lying in the premises of various government departments.
Punjab Additional Chief Secretary Nadeem Hassan Asif, in his letter addressed to all the heads of government departments, has expressed concerns over the situation and ordered them to ensure removal of the waste material for the eradication of dengue threat.
“It has been observed with concern that some waste material/condemned articles and debris of construction material are lying around in the buildings of various government departments, which serve as storage space of water, hence providing a most favourable breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes and its larva/eggs,” the letter reads. Asif has asked these organisations to ensure disposal and removal of such wastes and debris immediately. Asif expressed his concerns that “despite an effective campaign against dengue, this situation warrants immediate attention of all the departments concerned.