Bring out the danburo, been and dhol and protest!


A group of folk artistes staged a protest against the provincial Culture Department on Wednesday for restraining them from organise a charity show aimed at collecting donations for their flood-affected colleagues.
Sitting along the road outside the Karachi Press Club, they protested in a unique way by playing traditional musical instruments including danburo, been, dhol and harmonium, while some of their colleagues, holding banners and placards, chanted slogans against the Culture Department.
“Hundreds of folk artistes are among those affected by the recent floods in the province and they have approached the Culture Department for financial assistance. But the department has not only turned down their request, but also restrained them from organising a charity show that was scheduled on Tuesday,” said Abdul Hameed alias Seengar Ali Solangi, president of the Sindh Fankar Welfare Association. “We had planned a charity musical show at Makli Gymkhana, with the consent of Thatta’s Deputy Commissioner Jaffar Abbasi, to collect money for the flood-hit artistes of the province,” Solangi went on.
“However, when we had finalised all the necessary arrangements after spending money from our pockets, we were asked to cancel the show as the Thatta district administration had cancelled our reservation at the Makli Gymkhana on the day scheduled for the event.”