Maleeha Lodhi, Salman Bashir strongest aspirants after Haqqani’s resignation


Former ambassador of Pakistan to United States, Dr Maleeha Lodhi and Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir are the top and strongest aspirants for the post of Ambassador of Pakistan to US after resignation of Husain Haqqani.
Sources said that the Prime Minister wanted to nominate a ambassador who is acceptable to both government and the military.
The sources said that if the government and the military did not agree on the name of Dr Maleeha Lodhi then Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir might be the consensented candidate for the post in US.


  1. Former ambassador Maleeha Lodhi will not be a bad choice but it is far better to have a career diplomat. I shall therefore vote for Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir.

  2. What diffrence does it make ? Decisions to army ko kee lene hai….
    Perhaps General Kayani should have two posts- COAS and Ambassador to USA

    • That's very nice. It is better to be polite firm and forceful.

      Opinions expressed in this way will not allow unsavoury characters using foul language and four letter words. Thanks

      Whether right or wrong, your opinion is valued and the sting in the tail must have been felt.

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