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If politicians were good

Nowadays, every politician is playing his cards by discussing a variety of hot topics, like policy to combat terrorism, assets of his opponents, rampant corruption etc. PTI and PM(N) are particularly challenging the assets of opponent party’s leaders. In his recent address, the President of PML(N), Mian Nawaz sharif also clarified the allegations about his assets.
Theoretically and ideally, politicians, civil and military high officials, businessmen and prominent social workers must work only for the welfare of this nation. They usually do not have any personal motives. As they want only to serve this country and have no individual incentives, it is not an awkward ambition that their assets must be known to every citizen. Besides, every citizen should also be apprised about their tax payments and bank loans.
If the Federal Board of Revenue puts up the information about these personalities on its site, it would be in direct access to the public, making the overall system more transparent. This will be helpful not only to curtail the increasing corruption but also to tell us how poor the politicians of this poor country are.


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