Personal questions annoy Priyanka


Priyanka Chopra, during a recent media interaction, got edgy when asked about her current relationship status. In fact when she was questioned about her relationship with one of her co-actors, the actress got so livid that she left the interview. The actress shut the door on all reporters and refused to continue with the pre-arranged media event. She even refused to smile and pose for pictures post that, revealed an eyewitness. Priyanka was shooting for a coffee commercial with her ex-flame Shahid Kapur. The media was invited for a joint interaction with the actors who have recently been filming for Kunal Kohli’s epic love saga ‘Muqtasar’. An eyewitness informed, “Priyanka refused the joint interaction. Even after having worked together with Shahid in Kohli’s film, the actress did not want to share space off screen with the actor. This enraged the reporters. That was however, not all. The actress stopped interacting with the media altogether after a while.”