Prices of vegetables witness decrease in capital’s Sunday bazaars


Prices of vegetables started falling in Sunday bazaars of the city as this week rates witnessed a significant decrease as compared to the prices of the last week.
This week price of tomato showed a decline of Rs 32 per kg and was sold for Rs 44 per kg against the last Sunday’s rate of Rs 76. This week rate of onion also witnessed a decrease of Rs 6 per kg as it was available for Rs 58 per kg against the last week’s price of Rs 64.
However, market pundits termed decrease in the prices of onion and tomato as a temporary relief. They were of the view that the prices of onion and tomato would remain high till January 2012.
The stall holders said that, currently, tomato and onion were being imported from neighboring India and Afghanistan, respectively, as both the crops had less production this season in the county.
According to the price lists of the Sunday bazaars, this week the prices pf potato, gourd, pumpkin, brinjal, cauliflower, lemon and cucumber also witnessed a slight decrease. This week, potato was sold at Rs 20 per kg, pumpkin at Rs 16, black pepper at Rs 80, lemon at Rs 52, cabbage at Rs 44 and cauliflower was sold at Rs 16 per kg.
However, this week, the prices of ginger and garlic each witnessed increase of Rs 4 per kg and were sold at Rs 84 per kg. According to the rate lists, this week chicken was sold at Rs 107 against the last week’s price of Rs 112 per kg.
In fruits, price of apple (golden) witnessed an increase of Rs 10 as against the last week’s price of Rs 80 as it was sold at Rs 90 per kg. This week, orange (fruiter) was sold at Rs 70 per dozen while the prices of banana and guava remained stable.