Lady Reading Hospital strike completes day 2


After protesting for the second consecutive day, Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) Peshawar employees decided to continue their demonstration on Monday (today) in front of the hospital’s administration block for getting their demands accepted. All categories of employees including class-IV at LRH carried out a token strike for two-days wherein they tied black strips on their arms and maintained both the provincial government and the provincial health ministry were circumventing the matter and were denying them their genuine demands. LRH Health Employees Council (HEC) President Syed Roidar Shah and Secretary General Shehzada Mahsud said that they had decided to stage a protest and hold a general body meeting in front of the hospital administration on Monday. The LRH HEC said they will thwart any conspiracy to bereave employees of the health department from getting health professional allowance.
He added the health ministry was part of those responsible. They said a protest movement was also on the cards if LRH Medical Superintendent Dr Rahim Jan Afridi is forcefully transferred due to his endeavors to extend due rights to employees at the hospital. They said the interruption of unconcerned quarters in LRH affairs was intolerable. Office bearers said they feared things would go the wrong way in the hospital and they had called the protest to chalk out the future course of action for getting due rights for health employees.


  1. MS Rahim Jan is an old man 59 and half years of age. He may gracefully opt for LPR. But this is extreme greed that , he is using the Orderlies and not Doctors / professors to prevent his transfer to KTH only a mile away on university Road. LRH is bigger and there is more to devour.

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