With memo, US gave Pakistan signal to oust Zardari, Gilani: Dr Hasan


The United States has given a clear signal to Pakistan to get rid of President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, if it wants, through former US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen, who admitted the existence of a memo from the government of Pakistan to Washington sent by Pakistan’s Ambassador Hussain Haqqani, former finance minister and veteran politician Dr Mubasher Hasan told Pakistan Today here on Friday.
“It is now up to Pakistan to decide whether it will proceed legally or illegally; the contents of the memo are patently treasonous. The die is cast,” said Dr Hasan. “In my humble opinion the ball now is in the court of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The matter is of the highest importance. If no legal way can be found to deal with the situation, the question will pass on to the forces having power in the polity of Pakistan,” he added. He believes that for the Supreme Court, the matter is the mother of all suo motu actions. The position of Zardari, Gilani and their allies is untenable, but they have to be given a chance to prove their innocence. That chance, he said, could come only through institution of a commission comprising a panel of judges of the Supreme Court.
He said further that Zardari and Gilani should avail this opportunity by proceeding on leave and should pledge not to leave the country while the investigations last. “Gilani is prima facie guilty of culpable inaction. What was he doing when the plot of bringing American boots into Pakistan, of a purge in the military and its intelligence and action against extremist elements in Pakistan by America was being hatched?” said Dr Hasan.
“What was he doing when the plan for launching an insurrection in Pakistan by persons nominated by the US was being hatched? What were his intelligence services doing? Almost a year has passed since the plot of insurrection in Pakistan was hatched. What investigation did he launch in May when the plot was aborted?”


  1. All top class matters, although are topless, but never clarified. This matter of Memo will also remain an open secret like what settlement took place between Mr. Arif Nizami the legitimate owener of the Nawaiwaqt group and Majid Nizami…. Tariq Khan.

    • Gilani+Zardari = the biggest Crook on earth they must jail for 50 years min we must bring Amarican law in our country

  2. cant add a word to the words of this man of wisdom……
    absolutely right
    time to worry Gillani

  3. In accordance to my conviction if the memo controversy in the light of the statement of Mansoor Ajaz is even 50% correct ,the PPP Government has No moral,legal and constitutional rights to be continued,because its a big and unforgettable offense against the sovereignty and ,independence of this great ideological Islamic State its Armed Forces and Nuclear assets.

  4. MooMooGate in Poopistan

    Hussein Haqqani Sat on a Wall
    Hussein Haqqani had a great Fall
    All Zardari's men and all the President's horses
    Couldnt put Hussein Haqqani together again

  5. Voluntarily Resignation upon failure is the best and most respectable decision,instead of forced one loosing credibility forever among the masses.

  6. This is a case of mother of all treasons and treachery against Pakistan. In my humble opinion, legal forces in Pakistan must give highest importance to this matter of life and death for the country and should be investigated and heard in day and night sittings. Else only repentance will remain. Remember action is better than inaction and constitution is not sacrosanct than the existence and independence of the any country. After all UK has no constitution.

  7. I don't know why is everyone being so optimistic that this case will be resolved openly, fairly and squarely; that the culprits will be punished; that public will be tod the truth. These is no precendence in Pakistan's history of any matter being ever resolved transparently, especially since Mr. Zardari is a genius in keeping any evidence of wrong doing away from him. Has anyone been able to prove any case of corruption against him? This matter will be hushed up as many before it have.

  8. there is a difference between the public in Pakistan and India. Public in Pakistan is in deep slumber. they have been drugged.they did not come out when BHUTTO broke the country into TWO pieces. On the other hand they voted for their party into power, which is in power now. the opposing party – pml (N) is another corrupt party.they have looted overseas pakistani with their slogan MULK BACHAO, KHArZA MUKKAO. THE AMOUNT COLLECTED IS UNACCOUNTED SO FAR.MQM is another party whose head has dubious designs.


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