Police beat Ayesha Malik thrice: medical report


The medical board constituted on the orders of Anti-Terrorism Court No-III Lahore for the examination of Ayesha Ahad Malik, claiming to be wife of Hamza Shahbaz, son of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, reported several brutal injuries inflicted on the victim who was brutally beaten by the Punjab police three times during the first week of October 2011.
The seven member medical board, comprising senior doctors and specialists submitted the report to court. The medical report states it examined the details of the torture inflicted on Ayesha’s body on October 12 2011 and could disclose the victim (Ayesha) had received about a dozen bruises on various body parts inflicted by a blunt weapon. As per the medial report Ayesha Ahad was beaten by police on three different occasions: on 3 October 2011, 5 October 2011 and 6 October 2011. The brutal nature of the torture can be gauged from the fact the size of the bruises ranged from 1×1 cm to 12×3 cm.


  1. It is high time that Shahbaz & Hamza meet Ayesha Ahad Malik face to face, preferably on media, to resolve the issue and also clarify things for the public.

  2. Police are useless, they beat up poor women but they don't beat up those freakin criminals who need to be beaten and deserve to be beaten, time for people to speak up for their rights!

  3. Is there a police force in the world that doesn't beat up people? I doubt the Pakistani police are worse than any other police force. Police aren't stupid enough to beat up anyone who matters.

  4. This woman has a bad reputation, coming from a family of crooks and thugs known for contacts with mafia and land grabbing. Having said that Hamza Shahbaz has proven his incapacity to hold public offioce by having contacts with such a woman. He has no business to aspire for political office if this is the way he leads his private life.

  5. yes it should be like that , how ever for police beating there are no signs that she is beaten by the police or by others as the SIGNS didnt indicate by them self that it is by the police vs ordinary man , how ever good that at least the police terarism is highlighted by the media . show us the proff with Medical report and pics where she has the proff .

  6. @ Wisal,,,sorry bro wat u wanna say that she should take her clothes off to show u ppl that she is being beaten by someone,,,atleast i think not…think abt it,,,thanks

  7. Haqiqat mein hum log khud theek nahi hain isiliye hmaray leaders b aisay hain…
    Allah Pak ne inhein hum par musallat kia hai…

  8. Agar ya auti theek nahi thi tou hamza shahbaz karnay kya gaya tha, aur kisi bhi surat ma khawateen ka sath aisa sulook, sharam aini chahya hamza shahbaz, wasay pura khandan hi tarki ha, london ga kar baal lagwatay hain aur lhr a kar 6_6 mah ki shadiya kartay hain,……aisay kirdar ko…. zahni bimar ko ma nahi maanta ma nahi maanta.? Wah ray qoom ki kismat aisay leader..?

  9. thats why mariyam nawaz has been launged2take part n politics,,,,hamza shahbaz ko ab issee kaam k liay chhore dia hai,,k yeh ab shadian kartey jaein,koi kami na reh jaey

  10. Ayesha Ahad Malik aik gandoo aurat hai aur is ki gand mein keera hai janab.Yaqeen nahi tu check kar len.

  11. Shahabullah tere gandoo kirdar ko,tujh bezameer murdar ko,zehni izayat ke pairokar ko, Haramzade ki pukar ko,Bhenchod karobar ko mein nahi manta mein nahi manta.

  12. ak hamza shahbaz na ya kam khola howa ha dusra dost muhammad khosa na ALLAH PAK Humara an hukmanron a ghark kar jo dusroon ki MAA BHANOO KI IZZAT KA sath khalta han

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