Illegal toll plaza active on Ferozepur Road: petition


A private company is illegally collecting toll tax on Ferozepur Road near Mustafabad town for the last several months without an agreement or legal formalities, Yasin Farrukh alleged in a recently filed petition.
Farrukh, a lawyer at Kasur district bar, told reporters that the agreement submitted by the Highways sub-divisional officer in the court turned out to be bogus.
He said the agreement was not singed by the contractor, and under the rules and regulations an agreement cannot be implemented unless it is duly signed.
He said the agreement was a mandatory requirement for auctioning of toll plazas.
He said all required fields in the agreement were blank, the guarantee form was not filled, and no witnesses were mentioned in the form.
He said the submitted agreement testifies that the toll plaza was operating illegally and influential people were extorting money without being checked.