Karisma trains Kareena for ‘Heroine’ role


Kareena Kapoor is finally set to start work on Madhur Bhandarkar’s ambitious project ‘Heroine’ by this month-end. And guess who is proving of big help to her? Elder sis Karisma Kapoor. It’s a known fact that Karisma has always been there for Kareena whenever she needed her. Says a source close to the film, “The film is about the journey of this protagonist from being a nobody to the biggest heroine in the industry and then again falling down to an all-time low”. While this character graph reminds of Priyanka Chopra’s supermodel role in Bhandarkar’s earlier flick ‘Fashion’, Kareena seems to have a better reference point in sister Karisma. Karisma too has seen the highs and lows in her career and, more importantly, is returning to films with Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Dangerous Ishq’. From being paired opposite the mighty Khans to working opposite a relative newcomer like Rajneesh Duggal now, she has seen it all. And beyond that, buzz is that Lolo is suggesting DVD titles for Bebo to refer to get her act together. Perhaps Kareena could return the favour by a thank you note to Karisma in the opening credits!