Chief secy wants reports on Lyari uplift progress


Sindh Chief Secretary Raja Muhammad Abbas directed the Planning and Development, Finance and Local Government departments on Wednesday to submit reports on the progress of the Lyari Development Project. Presiding over a meeting, the chief secretary discussed various issues of Lyari like sanitation and disposal of garbage, roads and streets, playgrounds and parks, water supply and sewerage system, electrification, school buildings, boxing and football clubs, construction of pedestrian bridges and adherence of building bye-laws. The Planning and Development Department was told to provide details on the PC-I of various schemes of the Lyari Development Project. The Finance Department was instructed to present a report on the release of funds for this purpose.
The chief secretary ordered the local government secretary to ensure sanitation and disposal of garbage, in accordance with the LPD requirements, through the Zonal Municipal Administration, South. The summary for roads and streets is likely to be signed within a couple of days. It was also decided that a committee will be formed for composition of bye-laws for the construction of residential buildings in a planned manner so that civic and safety concerns in the area can be minimised. The committee will include the Karachi commissioner, a representative of Sindh Building Control Authority and the Lyari Development Project director.