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‘Corporal punishment leads to high dropout rate’

Foundation for Rehabilitation and Education of Special Children (FRESH) Secretary General Ashba Kamran has said corporal punishment is the prime reason children dropout from school at the primary level in public sector schools. She said Pakistan had a 50 percent literacy rate, while Pakistan was ranked at 31 out of the 35 countries in the Muslim world in terms of literacy, according to the National Education Policy, and 134th out of 180 countries around the globe.
Ashba added that about 25 percent of children in Pakistan never enrolled in primary schools, while 50 percent of those enrolled dropped out before completing primary education. She said this abnormally high dropout rate was one of the major contributing factors to the dismal state of education in Pakistan and should be cause for concern for the civil society, policymakers and the teaching community of Pakistan. She said the education of 3.8 million illiterate children through the remedial education system could reduce the number of school dropouts over the next 10 years.

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  1. Kamran Khan said:

    I am quite depressed to know that one of my friend's son had been punished so badly by the school teacher of "The City School" that the kid had to stay 2 days in Sharif Medical City Hospital, for the treatment of broken bones. Although physical punishment was the routine in govt schools, and now from the last some time they have reduced it. But shockingly, a school teacher has broken the bones of a 5th grade student. And this unpleasant incident happened within main Lahore city, on 31-Jan-2013. If the school teachers continued to break the bones, then where will our kids go?……….Think for betterment of future.

    Details and pictures on facebook.

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