Reema ties the knot with Dr. Shahab


Lollywood actress-turned-director Reema Khan has officially tied the knot with American cardiologist surgeon Dr Tariq Shahab on Wednesday in a Virginia court.
According to media sources, the Nikkah took place at a local court in Virginia according to American law, while Rukhsati will take place on November 18.
While talking to a private TV channel on telephone, Reema said that she considers herself very lucky as she will be a part of an educated and respected family.
Regarding wedding preparations, the actress told that she has put amazing henna designs on her palms and her family members have created a joyful wedding mood all around.
Hassan Shehryar, who is a Pakistani fashion designer of international repute, has prepared the wedding dresses for the bride and groom.
The wedding ceremonies began from Monday with the mayoun function.
Reema is in the US with her parents and relatives who will attend the wedding functions.
After marriage, the actress will stay in the US for a few weeks in a house gifted to her by her mother-in-law. Reema also received a BMW 7-Series car from her husband as a wedding gift.
After their stay in the US, the couple would be headed to Italy and France for their honeymoon.


  1. very smart! Aik jahil co-star ki pehli bewi baneney se acha hai aik PARHE LIKHE SOPHISTICATED DOCTOR ki dosri biwi banana!
    Madhuri Dixit ki copy to nahin kar rahin reema ji?

  2. we can not say anything about other peoples intentions, Allah knows better, so, just wish them a happy life together

  3. congrats reema , may you have a good blessed life, ameen ,
    respected viewers , pls try not to pass any judgmental comments , Allah is watching and it is not humans who decide who have good character or bad charatcter, you cant even pass judgemental remarks to other humans, watch ur tongue and try to behave ,may Allah direct you to sirate mustaqeem ,ameen

    • Thanks for your positiveness and i really appreciate your personality too. Again thanks – Sajjad Hussain

  4. How authentic is this news “Reema also received a BMW 7-Series car from her husband as a wedding gift”??

    Can you guys Please mention the source?

    As far as i know his mother is against the wedding and she wont even attend it.

    • itni age mn reema ko asa boodha he milna tha boodhi ko mill gaya 2 shadeyan kar sakta hai who esy bhi chor kay 4 kar lay ga huhh …………

  5. I really appreciated the comment passed by respected <Ali Walay> The comments are mine for Reema Khan that she weds with her admitted personality.

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