Expect the best… Shani’s on our side


The recent mutual agreement between Pakistan and Turkmenistan for Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline is not just an agreement; it is the result of the change in location of Hindu god Shani from the Kanya (Virgo) into the Tula (Libra) constellation!
Pundit Maharaj Giyanchand Solanki, an astrologer, disclosed this while talking with Pakistan Today on Tuesday. He also sees major changes in Pakistan – albeit positive – in the next three years, including good relations with countries specially whose names begin with initials of ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘S’. “The planet Shani (Saturn) is supposed to be angry in nature. It is darkness and an enemy of light,” said Solanki. “But whenever it comes into the Libra constellation, it brings around positive changes for countries with initials of ‘A’, ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘P’, ‘T’ and ‘Z’.” The astrologer said that on Tuesday, the planet left Virgo and entered into Libra and now we can expect positive changes for Pakistan also. “Not only countries but also common people and even politicians and cities of names beginning with these initials will get the same benefits.”
He added that Shani will remain in the Libra constellation until November 3, 2014 and until then Pakistan will have attained a significant position in the region. “However, Pakistan may be harmed from countries with initials of ‘I’,” the pundit said. In many cases, Solanki further said, Pakistan will lead other countries in the region after the astrological change. “Shani is one of the nine primary celestial bodies in Hindu astrology and has come to life from the Saturn planet. It is the lord of Hindu god Saturday.” It takes Shani 30 years to traverse through the 12 zodiac stars and it usually remains for seven-and-half years in each constellation but in some signs the planet stays for only two-and-a-half years.
According to Hindu mythology, when Shani enters any zodiac sign, it controls sorrows, difficulties, insult, loss of money and diseases among other negative aspects of that particular star. “It is a matter of concern for anyone having this planet in his or her zodiac sign, but there are some upper class zodiac constellations like Libra, where it can bring about positive changes,” Solanki said. “I see many positive changes during the next two years, in which Pakistan will make several mutual agreements with different countries that will be beneficial for the country.”


    • You may end up believing this. Just wait until the three years pass and re-read this article to see if he was right or wrong.

      This website is not proposing their views on whether this is true or not, theyre just trying to enlighten their audience that there are other belief systems outside of islam. Educate yourself, open your eyes, and your understanding will grow.

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