P&G Pakistan finalist for US corporate excellence award


Proctor and Gamble Pakistan has been chosen as one of the 13 finalists out of 62 nominations submitted by US Ambassadors around the world for States Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE) 2011. A statement issued by the US embassy said ACE finalists are international business leaders who recognise the vital role that US businesses play abroad as good corporate citizens.
The company was noted for consumer products and its humanitarian assistance efforts that provided clean drinking water, food, hygiene products, medical care, and laundry services after unprecedented floods in the region. Furthermore, sustainable partnerships to establish a network of schools, early education programmes, and support for orphanages also enhanced the companies repertoire. And, implementation of science and technology standards, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions at its facilities and collaboration with universities to develop young business leaders were other highlights.
The awards, which were established in 1999, demonstrate how American firms can have a tremendous impact by promoting our values and helping define the United States as a positive force in the world. As Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has stated, “Corporate social responsibility and socially responsible development are not marginal to our foreign policy but essential to the realisation of our goals.”