Shah Mahmud Qureshi to join PTI


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Chief Imran Khan has said that his party would hold a massive public meeting in Ghotki on 27th of November and predicted that it would be attended by more than one lakh people.
In an interview with a private channel, when asked that Shah Mahmood Qureshi was also holding a public meeting at Ghotki the same day to announce his political decisions, Imran Khan said that the former Foreign Minister and PTI are one and he would announce his decision to join the party.


  1. Floor crossing(changing parties in the assembly/after the elections) is wrong.

    But if someone leaves a party and then again presents himself before public in elections with another ticket, then there is no bad as the public has supported the person.

  2. Inclusion of SMQ in PTI will further give fuel to the debate whether PTI is a party of change or not. And many will consider it a dry cleaning factory as suggested by Ch. Shujaat

  3. Another big whig joining PTI. Imran Khan said in his press conference party tickets will be given to new leaders. Now i wonder this Shah Mahmood Qureshi is going to get ticket or his son.

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