People won’t go for long march: Gilani


Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said on Sunday that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had always strived to secure the people’s rights, especially the poor, who were now mature enough and would not resort to any long march to destablise the government. He was addressing a mammoth public meeting here after inaugurating the Gojra-Malikwal Road (Gilani Road) and a natural gas supply scheme that would cover 140 villages.
The prime minister said the government did not need to show its power and the opposition must play its due role and bring an in-house change if it had the required number of parliamentarians. Gilani said the PPP-led federal government, unlike past governments, never showed any discriminatory attitude in allocating funds to the opposition, thus setting precedence for future assemblies. However, the opposition in the Punjab Assembly was not being given its due funds, he added. “PPP always welcomes criticism of the opposition, however, the opposition should focus on constructive criticism,” he said. “We are proud of our party workers who are taking forward the PPP’s mission, vision and plans,” he said, adding that the government was implementing programmes chalked out by both the PPP’s martyred leaders. The prime minister said further that the PPP-led coalition government had restored the constitution of 1973. “We have also fulfilled the long-standing demand of provinces by granting them autonomy, besides ensuring internal autonomy for Gilgit-Baltistan,” he said.
Gilani also said the PPP never came into power using backdoor tactics but through the public mandate, and it would similarly win the upcoming Senate elections.
He said the PPP leadership and workers were imprisoned many times in the course of their struggle for the rights of the common man. He said the PPP government took media criticism as self-reformation, because the dictatorial regimes had destroyed the country’s institutions by usurping the media’s freedom.
Gilani said there was no political prisoner during his tenure in government, which did not resort to any political vengeance. “We too had faced incarcerations and see the jails as reformation centres,” he added. The PPP would seek votes from the public after implementation on its manifesto during the five-year term, he said. The PPP would be thankful to the people if they voted for it, otherwise, “we will continue to serve them by sitting on the opposition benches”, he added.
UNCONSTITUTIONAL STEPS: Gilani also said any unconstitutional steps of the opposition against the elected government would not be tolerated, stressing that the government’s reconciliatory policy should not be construed as weakness.
“The opposition may bring no-confidence move against me or an impeachment motion against the president if it has developed a dislike against us both,” he said. He said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif, who was one of the signatories of the Charter of Democracy, had forgotten it.
He said the opposition should wait for the next general elections in 2013 instead of resorting to unconstitutional methods, adding that PML-N was worried about the PPP’s expected success in March 2012 Senate elections. The premier also announced a countrywide “Kaarvan-e-Tameer” from Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin, adding that he would go from Karachi to Khyber to launch development projects.


  1. Mr Prime Minister


    They will most definitely.

    You are out of touch with the realiy.

    Kind regards

  2. @ truly speaking u should have some name, nameless people remain out of touch with reality.
    Majority in democracy is won through votes & not on streets. I welcome you to bring the change through vote if u can. That will strengthen the democratic system, otherwise it will be a real tsunami.

  3. The PPP track record – unabated inflation. Complete reliance on indirect taxes and not on income tax. The salaried class has their tax deducted at source and they pay taxes all goods and services. Why are cars with all the safety features more expensive than the ones without them? When Pakistan is 65 years how is it that people are thrown of their homes because the 99 year lease has expired? These minor things a great deal. Why has this government not been able to arrange clean drinking water? Why does the government believe so fanatically in censorship and blocking websites? Why does this government believe in controlling and regulating the media – resources could be better used elsewhere? Why has this government not been able to do anything about the power crisis? Why should people want to vote for a political party which has done nothing for the people of Pakistan?
    The government is quick to open accounts for flood relief instead of relying on its own resources? Every annual budget is bogus, because taxes are charged after the budget is announced. There is no point of a budget speech and the parliament has to debate it.. Not a single law has been introduced in the national assembly to be approved of the MNA. The government be decree is that it has always been going one. Not a government involved in the people caring about public opinion.

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