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Pak teenager launches debut novel in Berlin

Asad Shabbir, a 16-year-old blogger and writer, launched his debut novel,”Leo Solay” in an impressive ceremony organised by his alma mater, Berlin International School on Friday.
The ceremony was largely attended by students and their parents besides representatives of the Pakistani community and officials of the Pakistani embassy in Berlin. Asad was just 15 years old when he came from Pakistan and started writing “Leo Solay”. Apart from his love for writing and reading, he is also an avid tech enthusiast. To Asad, Leo Solay represents his childhood fantasies and his multicultural exposures in Iran, Hong Kong and Bulgaria. Asad is currently an IB student in Berlin.

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  1. Tamoor Rindh said:

    Good job keep it up shabbir…koi likhe na likhe shabbir toe likhe ga lol*

  2. Lahori guy said:

    love u shabbir lots of congragulation .. PAKSITAN need that type of younger man to show worlld that we r a peaceful nation …PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  3. Arshad said:

    Very nice, I am really proud to this boy, being Pakistani he did great job.

  4. Fouzia said:

    Good news for Specially literature of Pakistan, very Sensible boy yaar!!!
    Zara Namm ho tu yeh matti bari zarkhaiz hy saaki ……….Congratulations.

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