‘Shah of Corruption’ returns to make more from passport office


Bringing glad tidings for the corruption mafia, reposting of Assistant Director Jahanzaib Shah in the Passport Office at Abbott Road could be a bad omen for the department that is desperately trying get rid of him.
Shah was appointed AD twice, once in Shadman passport office during 2009 and Abbott road passport office in early 2011, and was expelled from Lahore on both these occasions on charges of bribery, mismanagement and corruption. FIA also raided his office and lodged an FIR against him that found him guilty. Shah, by profession a mechanical engineer and basically an SDO in WAPDA, is working as secondment (deputation) in Immigration and Passport Department, Ministry of Interior.
After expiration of his deputation period, the department strongly sought his
expatriation last month, noting that he was not fit for the Lahore offices because of his involvement in illegal activities.
However, even after all this, Shah has been reappointed with impunity on the basis of his solid links to some influential political elements in the Interior Ministry.
Sources in the department spilled the beans that Shah had been granted a 2-year extension on secondment and reposted in Abbott Road passport office following the intervention of former deputy secretary in Interior Ministry
Mrs Neelam, now working as member Service Tribunal. “She is his close relative and always calls the shot to save him by hook or crook,” sources added.
Disclosing series of corruption that took new heights in Shah’s tenure, an official said Shah was running networks inside the office and took Rs 200 to Rs 1,000 in bribes to get the process completed earlier. The process consisted of data entry, biometrics, checking their names in the Exit Control List and interviews, he added.
His agents, he said, working outside the offices convinced people to pay bribes varying between Rs 700 to Rs 2,000 in order to avoid long queues of people standing outside the
office, merely to get an entry token for
further processing.
Passport Office Director (Headquarter) Arshad Bhatti told Pakistan Today that some influential people were behind the reposting of Shah. “Might is right here, the department could not get him repatriated,” he added.
He said Shah’s deputation period had expired but he had managed to get it renewed for two years because of his close connections in the Interior Ministry. “His cases in FIA have been closed and he got NOC in this regard, yet we wanted to repatriate him but failed to do so,” Bhatti said. YASIR HABIB


  1. I just want to know what evidence do you have mr yasir habib to say all this against a federal
    Goverment employee. You cant just get up from your pot n write something like this unless u have taken a bribe from somebody who got tranferred because shah got posted in the office… How about this… Revert if u have evidence…

  2. mister annonymous who the hell gives permission u to say this about him kya wo tmhare ghar se bhi paise lete hain

  3. Every body is corrupt in this failed state. What can you expect when their role model are people like Gilani and Zardari

  4. Another crook in a nation overflowing with crooks. When your President ,PM and CJ are crooked what do you expect.

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