Amir shifted to safer prison


Pakistan’s cricketer Mohammad Amir, who was jailed for his involvement in last year’s spot fixing scandal, would soon be transferred from the notorious Feltham Young Offenders Institution to the much-safer Her Majesty’s Prison Portland in Weymouth. The Prison Service’s Youth Justice Board in England has given the order after Amir showed “extremely good behavior.
The news came just days after reports claimed that Mohammad Asif, also convicted in the scandal, is to be moved from the high security Wandsworth Prison in South London where he is currently imprisoned along with Salman Butt, the third player involved. According to reports, Amir will have access to every kind of facility at the centre in Weymouth where he can play sports, attend education classes, exercise at the gym, use internet and take part in charitable events after a month or so, including collecting money for the local charities.
A report by the Commission for Racial Equality compiled seven years ago had found “widespread racism” at the Feltham Young Offenders Institution, with Black and Asian inmates subjected to bullying and unfavourable treatment by wardens. The instant decision to relocate Amir has been made to avoid any such incident and a potential controversy that could harm diplomatic relations between Pakistan and England.


  1. I think this is a great decision as he is only 19 years old and no prisoner needs or deserves to be subjected to racism from other prisoners or worst from the prison wardens. I think racism should be taken very seriously and prisoners and especially wardens who do this should be punished for doing it.

  2. I have to say that a certain spin has been put on this news. I do not think he is being treated any differently than others.

    Prisoners in the developed world are treated humanely. Depriving some one of his or her liberties is considered to be a big punishment. Young offenders Institutes (YOI) is a new name for Young Offenders Prisons (YOP). Some of these have been regarded as 5 star facilities. But make no mistake about it, these are by the end of the day detentions facilities.

    Prisoners are regularly moved between different HMPs ( Her Majesty's Prisons). Mohammad Amir is no longer 18 and not entitled to be detained in a YOI. This is standard and he has not been accorded any special privileges.

    Mohammad Amir has been convicted of serious crimes. He is young and considered impressionable. The finger of blame is pointed towards Mr Butt, his captain.

    Mohammad Amir will be released in 3 months, may be earlier. He will be on licence for the rest of his sentence. It is very very unfortunate that he will end up with a criminal record which will not be considered spent for the next 5 years. His criminal record will be called in to question when he is travelling from one country to another especially entering Australia.

    There is a lot of sympathy for him in the public in general. All efforts should be directed towards minimising the damage which this unfortunate episode may produce.

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